Star Wars Rebels Season One Finale Previews Galore

The season one finale for Star Wars Rebels airs March 2 and “Fire Across the Galaxy” is gearing up to be quite the episode. The above trailer premiered on Good Morning America this morning and was put together by Kevin Yost, the editor behind some of the most memorable The Clone Wars trailers, and it’s definitely got an epic feel to it. Giant space battle? Check. Lightsaber dueling? Check. The crew of the Ghost in mortal danger? Quadruple check. Head below for a few more trailers, including an analysis of one, and a familiar image from TCW mocked up to fit with Rebels.

This first TV spot doesn’t have anything particularly new compared to the trailer at the top of this article, but it’s the first to tease Vader’s appearance.

This second teaser includes some extremely quick shots of Darth Vader, setting up his first physical appearance on the show (he was added into the series premiere movie Spark of Rebellion as a hologram). Will the rebels be gone before he arrives or will they have to face him before they can escape? Or is the Inquisitor going to learn the true meaning of failure if he lets Kanan and Ezra get away? We’ll also be seeing the return of Bail Organa to the show, considering all the Blockade Runners we see in the battle above Mustafar, and the identify of Fulcrum will finally be revealed. Rebels Report made a shot by shot analysis of the above teaser.

Lastly, the trailer at the top teases a possible death (or two) with the ominous phrase, “Who Will Fall?” When I first saw those words, I couldn’t help but feel like I had heard those associated with a Star Wars show before and then it hit me: a promo image for the 5th season of The Clone Wars

Who Will Fall The Clone Wars

At least four of those people died that season so if they’re using those words again it definitely gets me worried about our rebels’ fates. But that image inspired me to mock up a version for Rebels and with my limited Photoshopping skills, you can see my rough work below:

My Rough Who Will Fall Star Wars Rebels

Thankfully the team at Rebels Report has a more skilled Photoshopper than I:

It looks like the fallout from this episode will make it a long wait until the second season airs later this year. Or you could go to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and check out the season 2 premiere early!

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