Star Wars Rebels Shorts: 4-Part First Episode

Before Star Wars Rebels aired at the beginning of October, a series of 4 shorts introducing the characters of the show aired on Disney XD and the Star Wars YouTube page. Interestingly, these clips aren’t really part of the show, but together they make up the first episode of the series. The one hour premiere Spark of Rebellion is two episodes long, which leaves 13 episodes for the first season. The clip above introduces us a little bit more to the artful Mando, Sabine Wren, whose penchant for artful destruction should lead to some fun scenes for the series. Head below for the rest!

The interplay between these three certainly provides a lot of humor and there’s definitely a hint at some type of relationship between Hera and Kanan, something we see just begin to start in A New Dawn.

Above you’ll see Ezra’s knack for Imperial helmets, the Force, and that pretty nifty slingshot he crafted for himself.

Zeb has a cool species design, an odd but cool voice, and a love for beating up stormtroopers. What’s not to love?

UPDATE (11/29/14): Article has been adjusted to reflect the information regarding these shorts comprising the first episode of season 1 (which is a bit silly in my opinion, but it won’t be happening again for the second season)

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