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Canon Novel Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End

Aftermath: Empire's End

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Just shy of one and a half years after the first book, Chuck Wendig brings not only the Empire to an end, but also his enjoyable Aftermath Trilogy, setting the stage and tone for the stories yet to be told in the 30 plus year gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. As far as finales goes, Empire’s End is an excellent ending, rounding out fulfilling and memorable character arcs (for both new and old characters), answering several burning questions (which come with their own new questions for the future of Star Wars storytelling to unfold), and bringing its overarching trilogy plot to a satisfying conclusion. Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End”

NYCC 2015: New Star Wars Novels, Short Stories, and Comics Announced! (UPDATED)

New Republic BloodlineIt’s already seemingly a fantastic time to be a Star Wars fan, what with 6 new films on the horizon and all the comics and novels already in the works, but it’s only going to get better and better: at NYCC the other two entries in the Aftermath Trilogy got subtitles (and release windows), Claudia Gray has a new novel, a couple of short stories are on the way, and a new comics series called Obi-Wan and Anakin were all announced! Your wallets won’t be happy with an awakening of this magnitude. Continue reading “NYCC 2015: New Star Wars Novels, Short Stories, and Comics Announced! (UPDATED)”