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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Wolves and a Door” & “A World Between Worlds”

Star Wars Rebels Wolves and a Door Mortis Mural
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– Spoiler Review –

As Star Wars Rebels barrels towards its series finale, the latest episodes,”Wolves and a Door” & “A World Between Worlds,” bend minds, offer new understandings of the Force, bring back a familiar face, and so much more, meaning they’ll likely be rewatched and analyzed for years to come.

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Forces of Destiny Puts Ahsoka Tano on “The Padawan Path”

Having started with Rey, visited with Leia, and now bringing Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein, of course!) back to the little screen during the Clone Wars, Forces of Destiny is taking us slowly back in time and I’m happy to see it’ll jump wherever it wants to in the timeline. In “The Padawan Path,” Ahsoka, pre-leaving the Jedi Order, gets caught up with saving citizens while on her way to a special Jedi ceremony with Anakin and Yoda. Her little fight with the out of control droid highlights her ingenuity and willingness to help others, no matter the circumstances (and a great lesson for anyone to learn). While Anakin’s character model felt a bit off, Matt Lanter back voicing him made the point moot…so great to hear these two together again! Out of all the episodes so far, “The Padawan Path” is the most bittersweet, considering how and why she ends up giving the braid she receives here back to the Jedi before leaving, as well as what happens between Master and Apprentice on a little planet called Malachor (which Dave Filoni just exploded the head’s of Ahsoka fans about with this tweet regarding a meeting between her and the in-the-middle Bendu. Whoa). Continue reading “Forces of Destiny Puts Ahsoka Tano on “The Padawan Path””

Canon Young Adult Novel Review: Ahsoka

Ahsoka novel

Spoiler Review –

Ahsoka, by E.K. Johnston, is a YA novel that sheds a little light on the fan favorite eponymous character’s life post-The Clone Wars, pre-Star Wars Rebels. Johnston captures reader engagement with an excellent portrayal of Ahsoka Tano, dream character meetings, and a small focus, though that focus, the book’s pacing, and some questionable compositional choices do hinder the overall experience. Overall, Ahsoka fans or people looking for a quick and fun Star Wars book shouldn’t be deterred though, as there is still plenty to enjoy despite the flaws. Continue reading “Canon Young Adult Novel Review: Ahsoka”

Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel Impressions (SWCE 2016)

Ahsoka's Untold Tales Panel PanelistsFor any fan of The Clone Wars breakout character Ahsoka Tano, her Untold Tales Panel was an absolutely must see. While panelists Dave Filoni (executive producer of Rebels), Pablo Hildalgo (Story Group), and Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), didn’t clear up her fate after the Star Wars Rebels Season Two finale, they did a deep dive into some remaining unproduced TCW episodes which included her having a boyfriend (and Asain lead!), a journey into the Sith Temple below the Jedi Temple, and the Ahsoka Loyalist troops, while also revealing her novel’s cover art, vague and metaphorical Topps cards about her fate, and one giant promise about whether we’ll see her or not again. Continue reading “Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel Impressions (SWCE 2016)”

SWCE 2016 News Roundup Pt. 3: Ahsoka Untold Tales and Future Filmmaker Discussion Panels Announced

Twilight of the ApprenticeFans of Ahsoka Tano and those interested in the films beyond Rogue One have something to really look forward to at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 (July 15-17), as two newly announced panels look to spill the proverbial Jawa beans on those subjects. First off, Ahsoka’s Untold Tales features Dave Filoni, Pablo Hildalgo, and Ashley Eckstein (the voice of Ahsoka Tano herself!), who will discuss the character’s, “…past, from her discovery by the Jedi Order as a young child, to her adventures in unproduced episodes of The Clone Wars, to the chapters of her life newly revealed in the Ahsoka novel and more!” As someone who went to Celebration Anahiem 2015’s Untold Clone Wars panel, where they revealed tons of new content, this is sure to be an absolute must-see for Ahsoka fans. Secondly, the Future Filmmaker Discussion includes Rian Johnson (director for Ep.VIII), Chris Miller and Phil Lord (directors of the untitled Han Solo film), Kathleen Kennedy, Kiri Hart, and Pablo Hildalgo as they, “…close out the weekend’s festivities on a high note!” Which, even if it’s just title reveals for both projects, would certainly be a high note for me. Continue reading “SWCE 2016 News Roundup Pt. 3: Ahsoka Untold Tales and Future Filmmaker Discussion Panels Announced”

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Finale Review: “Twilight of the Apprentice”

Twilight of the Apprentice

Spoiler Review –

Kanan. Ezra. Ahsoka Tano. Darth Vader. Darth Maul. 3 Inquisitors. Malachor. What could go wrong? As Star Wars Rebels‘ season two finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice,” showed, everything, but not in a way many could’ve easily predicted. The episode left myself (and many others) with utter shock, tears, confusion, and a small hint of happiness, while finding surprising answers and opening up even more surprising questions in what was not only the series’ best, but some of the top Star Wars material ever produced. It’s a grand statement to make and my review will do its best to prove it, all the while diving into some of the big cliffhangers facing the characters while we wait (rather impatiently now) for season 3. Spoilers-phobes…beware! Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Season Two Finale Review: “Twilight of the Apprentice””

Ahsoka Tano Novel Coming October 2016!

Ahsoka Tano Book

Just like the announcement of the book (from Nerdist), I won’t spoil anything from the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale regarding Ahsoka Tano’s fate (update: my review does), but the upcoming YA novel simply titled Ahsoka will reveal pivotal moments in her life during the great swath of time between her final The Clone Wars appearance and her re-emergence in Rebels. As excited as I am for the Leia-centric novel Bloodline and the Rogue One prequel novel, this just shot up to the top of my list simply because more Ahsoka is a damn good thing in my book. More details below! Continue reading “Ahsoka Tano Novel Coming October 2016!”

Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Mystery of Chopper Base”

The Mystery of Chopper Base

Spoiler Review –

“The Mystery of Chopper Base” is the penultimate episode of Star Wars Rebels‘ second season. It continues in the season’s fashion of staying character-focused and doesn’t worry itself about setting up events for the finale, instead raising the emotional stakes involved for everyone (and the viewers). The episode handles that aspect expertly by cranking up the foreshadowing and making viewers contemplate heartbreaking thoughts on how the crew may never be the same after the finale, which I’m not so sure I’m ready for now. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Mystery of Chopper Base””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Shroud of Darkness”

Shroud of Darkness

Spoiler Review –

In Star Wars Rebels‘ “Shroud of Darkness,” Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka must face the fears that plague them, prompting them to return to the Lothal Jedi Temple for help and guidance. Their time in the Temple, and some of the surprising answers they receive, sets up a great finale (to air in a few weeks) and cements this episode as the best of the series to date. My deep dive i.e. long review is below. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Shroud of Darkness””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Future of the Force”

The Future of the Force

Spoiler Review –

The Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother Inquisitors return, carrying out a dastardly plan first seen in a The Clone Wars episode but modified to give us our (possibly) first big hint about how the Inquisitors are ‘made.’ Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb manage to get in the way, but they have to call in an audible: Ahsoka Tano returns in a big way in Star War Rebels‘, “The Future of the Force.” Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Future of the Force””