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Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Impressions with Video

Whether it’s the volcanic splashes of Sullust, the icey hallways of Echo Base, or coarse-rough-and-it-gets-everywhere sand of Tatooine, I’m sure we’ve all played a lot of Battlefront over it’s open beta weekend (there was 9 million of us who did!). I have my video impressions for you above (my first video for the site!), while my slightly more detailed thoughts reside below along with some of the latest news and some very entertaining clips other players captured. Continue reading “Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Impressions with Video”

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Dated: October 8th – 12th

Battlefront BetaSet your blasters to kill because the Star Wars Battlefront Beta will be hitting PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin on October 8th and will last until October 12th. There’s no special requirements to be in the Beta since it’s open to everyone and even if you don’t have online multiplayer access for your console of choice, at least one game type will be available offline. I’ll be playing as much as I can on my PS4 under the PSN name BrushYourTeeth, so add me if you want someone to target on the enemy lines or as a buddy on the battlefield. More details regarding what’s available in the Beta, including details on the Companion app, below. Continue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Beta Dated: October 8th – 12th”