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The Curious Case of Force Ghosts

The Curious Case of Force GhostsForce Ghosts, Force Spirits, Blue Jedi Group…call it what you will, but they’ve had a complicated and varied history in Legends, as the ability for Force users to become one had editors and authors alike jumping from retcon to retcon as George Lucas decided to fill in the blanks slowly over time. Once those stories were placed aside for the new canon, Force spirit practitioners went from over 80 individuals to 5 (!), the process and ability to become a spirit stayed complicated but was given some clarity, while Force spirits have since been rarely touched on or discussed. In the Curious Case of Force Ghosts, I’ll be looking at how even though the whole idea of Force spirits got simpler, it has gotten equally more complicated (Yoda’s The Clone Wars arc helped on both ends), offering up curious questions including why Anakin Skywalker hasn’t made many visits (yet), and who’s still haunting around in the sequel trilogy. Strap in, unless you’re a ghost of course then float around at your leisure, as Detective Mynock is about take you on a ghoulish ride into the spirits of Star Wars where the answers might be more fleeting than any of us would like at the moment. UPDATE 12/18/17: I’ve included a section with details gleaned from the release of The Last Jedi. It’s full of spoilers, so don’t read it if you don’t want to be spoiled. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Force Ghosts”

Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: Bloodline

Star Wars Bloodline

Spoiler Review –

Star Wars: Bloodline focuses on Leia and events in the galaxy which shape things to come in The Force Awakens. As essential a read this becomes for those itching for more background details on the galaxy taking shape in the new canon, and even for making politics bearable, Bloodline is memorable and will not be easily forgotten in the years ahead due to its portrayal of Leia. It’s all thanks to author Claudia Gray, who is now more than welcomed to return as often as she can to the galaxy far, far away.
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Rogue One Prequel Novel and Comic Announced, New Bloodline Details Revealed at C2E2 2016 (UPDATED)

Catalyst A Rogue One Story 1We might not have much regarding December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped Marvel and Del Rey announcing tie-in material set to launch in October. On top of that, the Del Rey panel at C2E2 2016 revealed some new details regarding the Leia-centric Bloodline. Continue reading “Rogue One Prequel Novel and Comic Announced, New Bloodline Details Revealed at C2E2 2016 (UPDATED)”

Star Wars: Bloodline Details, Cover, and Excerpt Revealed

Bloodline CondensedOnce titled Star Wars: New Republic: Bloodline, USAToday revealed a new title Star Wars: Bloodline, its cover, that it’ll star Leia Organa herself “some” 6 years before The Force Awakens, and they have an excerpt from the novel’s 13th chapter. All the above, including the author being Claudia Gray, have bumped this novel up from possibly exciting to must read. My thoughts on some hints dropped by both the article and Gray herself regarding its content below. (UPDATE 5/10/16: My review of Bloodline is live!) Continue reading “Star Wars: Bloodline Details, Cover, and Excerpt Revealed”

NYCC 2015: New Star Wars Novels, Short Stories, and Comics Announced! (UPDATED)

New Republic BloodlineIt’s already seemingly a fantastic time to be a Star Wars fan, what with 6 new films on the horizon and all the comics and novels already in the works, but it’s only going to get better and better: at NYCC the other two entries in the Aftermath Trilogy got subtitles (and release windows), Claudia Gray has a new novel, a couple of short stories are on the way, and a new comics series called Obi-Wan and Anakin were all announced! Your wallets won’t be happy with an awakening of this magnitude. Continue reading “NYCC 2015: New Star Wars Novels, Short Stories, and Comics Announced! (UPDATED)”