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A “Bounty of Trouble” Follows Sabine and Leia in Forces of Destiny

Forces of Destiny‘s final episode of the first eight returns us to Garel, but instead of watching Jyn help some innocents, we see Sabine and Leia get into a “Bounty of Trouble.” There’s some good variety to this episode compared to the first 7, as Sabine feigns being a bounty hunter to get Leia by herself so they can make a transfer of Imperial datatapes…until an actual bounty hunter, IG-88 (!!) shows up and messes things up for everyone. Of course Sabine gets the tapes and Leia remains incognito Rebellion helper, but it’s done in such an amusing way that only Sabine, the master of colors, and Leia could pull off; I seriously hope we’ll get to see these together a bit more, beyond Leia’s sole (so far) Rebels appearance. Since it’ll be until Fall before the series continues, this was a particularly strong one to end on for a bit. Building off that fact that these were originally supposed to air on the Disney Channel July 9, which didn’t happen, this episode dropped nearly at midnight CST, which seems extremely odd considering the main market for these shorts. We’ll have overall impressions of the first eight episodes up soon! Click on through for links to the rest of the shorts. Continue reading “A “Bounty of Trouble” Follows Sabine and Leia in Forces of Destiny”