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A Good Blaster At Your Side: The Future of Star Wars Video Games (Part 3)

A Good Blaster At Your Side: The Future of Star Wars Gaming (Part 3)Jedi usually mean big things: battles aboard Death Stars, planets destroyed, seats of government changed, galaxy-wide conflicts, etc. But if the non-Jedi mini-story focus of the first Anthology film Rogue One is anything to go by, there’s a push away from big spectacle to smaller focused stories for everything Star Wars without an Episode number and I feel like the same will be true for the beginning of EA’s video game content: expect games with a single player campaign (i.e. not Battlefront) to, at least at first, give the game’s protagonist a good blaster at their side instead of the mystical lightsaber. Continue reading “A Good Blaster At Your Side: The Future of Star Wars Video Games (Part 3)”

EU and Gaming: Thoughts on Their Relationship


– The following contains spoilers for several games –

Update 6/7/14: This article originally appeared on Knights’ Archive on 8/23/13, before the EU reboot was announced. Parts have been added to this article to reflect the new dawn of Star Wars storytelling.

Imagine this: strapped in the top turret of the Millennium Falcon, the ship shuddering from the projectiles of enemy craft, you’ll have to actively ignore Han Solo bellowing obscenities after each hit to keep your concentration. You swivel the turret, attempting to keep the asteroid shaped objects currently assailing the Falcon within your targeting frame. You snap off a few shots, but the yorik coral black hole defenses suck in every one. A torpedo distracts the yorik’s defenses and your next shots chip chunks off the living ship, spilling the Vong warriors into the vacuum of space. Continue reading “EU and Gaming: Thoughts on Their Relationship”