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Mynock Manor One Year Old Giveaway Is Over (UPDATED)

Mynock Manor One Year Old Giveaway Bash

UPDATED 6/3/15: Both giveaways are officially over. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Original Article: It’s been a real honor to bring news, reviews, opinion articles, and everything in between to you dear reader and I’m completely surprised it has already been an entire year! There’s no better way for me to celebrate that anniversary than by thanking all my readers, as you’re the reason why I started this crazy venture in the first place and will be the reason I keep the Manor up and running for years to come. But while words are since, my actions will show my true appreciation: I’ll be doing two giveaways, with the first one starting Monday, June 1st on our official one-year anniversary! Check out all the details and prizes below! Continue reading “Mynock Manor One Year Old Giveaway Is Over (UPDATED)”