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Forces of Destiny Round Two Starts in October (UPDATED)

The Forces of Destiny are back in two half-hour TV specials on October 1 and 29 (8:00 ET/PT), starring once again Star Wars’ female characters like Rey, Sabine, Hera, Leia, Jyn, Ahsoka, and many more, all voiced by their original actresses (besides Leia, of course). The newest round even sees Finn and Han Solo join the ladies in their adventures as well! The half-hour specials include 4 episodes from the previous batch matched up with 4 from the newest batch of 8, and will find their way to YouTube afterwards. Update: The newest episodes from the October 1 special are slowly dropping on YouTube and you can find them below, along with links to the first 8. Continue reading “Forces of Destiny Round Two Starts in October (UPDATED)”

Forces of Destiny Starts on the “Sands of Jakku”

As promised, the Forces of Destiny series began the morning of July 3 on Disney’s YouTube channel (here’s the playlist), with the first short titled, “Sands of Jakku.” The episode focuses on Rey (Daisy Ridley reprising her role!) and BB-8 shortly after the two meet in The Force Awakens, as they must deal with a creature of Jakku on the way back to Rey’s AT-AT home. It’s as short as advertised, running at just shy of 3 minutes, but it’s a charming little moment that teaches fans of Rey a lot more about her and her penchant for kindness, while the short also teaches how conflict doesn’t always need to be resolved with violence, and some creatures are just fulfilling a need, not necessarily always full of malicious intent. To pack that so succinctly into 3 minutes is a pretty great feat and it seems like series writer Jennifer Muro will keep that up, as evident by the screening of “BB-8 Bandits” I saw at Celebration Orlando back in April. We’ll post each new short as it comes online and will have a full review of the first eight episodes once they air July 9 on the Disney Channel. Continue reading “Forces of Destiny Starts on the “Sands of Jakku””