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Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: A New Dawn

Star Wars A New Dawn

And it begins. Announced earlier this year, we all found out that the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) of old was to be rolled over into Legends to make way for a unified story world and canonical EU. Along with the announcement came the reveal of four new books to herald in the new era, starting with John Jackson Miller’s Star Wars: A New Dawn. With a title that functions both as a signifier for this new era and a link to the plot, A New Dawn (AND) uncovers how the two main characters, Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels, first meet while showing us the Empire’s growing grasp on the galaxy far far away. And while the action stays relatively small, much like Miller’s excellent Legends novel Kenobi, the characters are strongly written within a finely plotted novel making A New Dawn a very entertaining read for both old and new Star Wars readers.

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