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Doctor Aphra Comic Series Announced, Drops December! (UPDATED)

doctor-aphra-1-aForget about the logistics (the when/how/why in-universe) of the newly announced Doctor Aphra comic series for a moment and consider this: not only is Aphra’s series the first to be based on an original character, but it’s also the first on-going with a female lead (Princess Leia had the first female lead, though it was in a mini-series), a person-of-color, and a member of the LGBT community. This is a big leap for Star Wars comics, and mainstream comic publishers as a whole and should be lauded simply for all its inclusiveness. With all that in mind let’s unpack the details of the series, coming to comic shops near you December 7, below! (UPDATE: Review for isssue #1 here!) Continue reading “Doctor Aphra Comic Series Announced, Drops December! (UPDATED)”

Yoda-Centric Star Wars Comic Arc Announced, New On-Going Series Teased (UPDATED)

Yoda arc and new on-going teasedIn my review of the last “Journals of Old Ben Kenobi,” the one-off tales that split up new arcs for the Star Wars mainline comic series, I wrote that it had, “a sense of finality” to it and I’d be okay if they didn’t return to his time on Tatooine (though I’d gladly take more). Technically they will be returning, but instead of a tale of Obi-Wan’s deeds it’ll be of Yoda’s deeds. And not only is it a full arc instead of a one-off, it’ll be drawn by Salvador Larroca, the genius artist behind the Darth Vader series. Can this just come out now, please?!? Also, it looks like those curious to see what new on-going will replace the DV series might have their first clues as what to expect (*cough*Aprha*cough*). More details below! Continue reading “Yoda-Centric Star Wars Comic Arc Announced, New On-Going Series Teased (UPDATED)”