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Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

Lords of the Sith

Light Spoiler Review –

Lords of the Sith (LotS), written by Paul S. Kemp, is the latest of the canon novels and the third to focus on the timeframe between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Whereas the others focused on Tarkin and a meeting between eventual rebels-in-arms, LotS centers on the Master and apprentice relationship of Vader and Palpatine, as they fight off a proto-rebel group without backup on a foreign planet. Overall, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable book thanks to its well-written and sometimes surprising characters and an engaging motif, though its action sequences drag on a little too long. Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: Lords of the Sith”

Del Rey Panel, TFA Novelization, Sampler Thoughts (SWCA 2015)

The Del Rey Panel

Del Rey, the wonderful folks who have been making Star Wars adult fiction novels for quite a number of years now, held a panel talking about the present and future of their works, including tidbits on the “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens” initiative and the surprise TFA novelization author. They also handed out a Sampler to attendees with excerpts from a few current and upcoming works and my thoughts on that content and the panel are below. Continue reading “Del Rey Panel, TFA Novelization, Sampler Thoughts (SWCA 2015)”

Del Rey’s Star Wars 2014 Sampler Thoughts


Del Rey released a 2014 Star Wars Sampler digitally, and it includes excerpts from the first 4 upcoming canon novels, A New DawnTarkinHeir to the Jedi, and Lords of the Sith. Check out my thoughts on the excerpts below. Continue reading “Del Rey’s Star Wars 2014 Sampler Thoughts”