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Star Wars Comics July 2018 Solicitations

Star Wars Comics July 2018 Solicitations

I haven’t been covering the monthly solicitations for Marvel’s (or IDW’s) upcoming comics, but I’ve decided to start doing so because not only do I look forward to the teases they bring for upcoming stories, but it’s for your convenience of not having to go far to find them if you’re already on the Manor! Seeing as these go out three months, today’s batch of solicitations of Star Wars comics covers issues dropping in July. Head on below to see what’s in store for Doctor AphraPoe DameronDarth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith, and more! (I’ll update the article when IDW’s solicitations release, which seem to be a few days after Marvel’s Updated!) Continue reading “Star Wars Comics July 2018 Solicitations”

Solo News Roundup: Book/Comic Tie-ins, EW Cover Story, and Merchandising

Once the teaser trailer dropped after the Super Bowl, the Solo: A Star Wars Story media blitz was ready to kick into high gear. We got the first details on the film from the usual suspect, an Entertainment Weekly cover story, then some of the toys were revealed, and finally the literature tie-ins, including books and comics were announced. Check out all the news in one, convenient spot below! Continue reading “Solo News Roundup: Book/Comic Tie-ins, EW Cover Story, and Merchandising”

Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #3

Rogue One #3

– Spoiler Review –

Rogue One #3 adds a cut scene for Baze and Chirrut and some bittersweet continuity for Saw’s final moments, while ending just as the Rebellion makes things rather messy on Eadu. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #3”