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Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #14

Doctor Aphra #14

– Spoiler Review –

The Doctor Aphra series is back with a new arc, new co-writer, and new art team in issue #14! It’s a riotous beginning to the “Remastered” arc that reintroduces us to a familiar Imperial, makes your skin crawl with its ending, and will leave you laughing with delight at Aphra’s honest attempts at matchmaking, all of which come together to make a new high-point for the excellent series. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #14”

Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #2

Rogue One #2

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While there are minor variations from the film in Rogue One #2, this one skews a little closer to the source material but still manages to add some delightful extra moments, continuing the successful and enjoyable adaptation of the film. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #2”

Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #1

Rogue One #1

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While adaptations (be it books or comics) and I have never really seen eye to eye, especially since they have to leave out parts or change scenes that clash with how I remember a film, I had my hopes up with some of early news that Rogue One‘s adaptation would expand on the film with extra scenes. After the close of Rogue One issue #1, written by Jody Hauser with art from Emilio Laiso & Oscar Bazaldua and colors from Rachelle Rosenberg, I’m happy to say it not only accomplishes its goal to add to one’s understanding of the first A Star Wars Story film, but also manages to be a worthy take on the material. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #1”

Canon Comic Review: Star Wars Annual #2

Star Wars Annual #2

– Spoiler Review –

Annual’s are kind of like a box of chocolates, which we all understand means we don’t know what we’ll get when we open them. Star Wars Annual #2 therefore is like pulling your favorite candy out of said box, as it’s truly a pleasant surprise thanks to the introduction of a great new character, a much appreciated look at those who are stuck in the middle of the Rebellion and Empire’s fight, and a true deep-dive into Leia’s mindset post-the-destruction-of-Alderaan. Annual #2 is written by Kelly Thompson, art by Emilio Laiso, and colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, who all do an exceptional job bringing their own unique touches to the Star Wars universe.  Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Star Wars Annual #2”