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Canon Novel Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End

Aftermath: Empire's End

Spoiler Review –

Just shy of one and a half years after the first book, Chuck Wendig brings not only the Empire to an end, but also his enjoyable Aftermath Trilogy, setting the stage and tone for the stories yet to be told in the 30 plus year gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. As far as finales goes, Empire’s End is an excellent ending, rounding out fulfilling and memorable character arcs (for both new and old characters), answering several burning questions (which come with their own new questions for the future of Star Wars storytelling to unfold), and bringing its overarching trilogy plot to a satisfying conclusion. Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End”

Canon Novel Review: Aftermath: Life Debt

Aftermath Life Debt

Spoiler Review –

Aftermath: Life Debt, written by Chuck Wendig, is the middle piece of his Aftermath Trilogy. Life Debt‘s ability to give purpose to the first book’s randomness, provide the original characters more room to shine, deepening and answering several mysteries, and written with what seems like a less chaotic style (I quite like Wendig’s style either way) help make it better than its predecessor. Being the middle book has its drawbacks though, but the exciting set up for the coming finale prevents any of those drawbacks from truly affecting enjoyment of the novel. Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Aftermath: Life Debt”

Canon Comic Review: Kanan #12

Kanan #12

Spoiler Review –

Here we are folks, the end the Kanan comic series is not near, it’s here. Issue #12 brings the continuously excellent series to a close (I named it my favorite series of 2015) and it’s quite a bittersweet ending. On one hand, it’s a wonderfully written wrap-up of various threads from the entire series as well as full of surprising tie-ins to stories elsewhere in canon. On the other hand, this is the last of it. And while there’s always a fear one can have too much of a good thing (as I know I want more of this series), I’d honestly say Kanan #12 ends things at just the right time with about as perfect of an ending as one can get. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Kanan #12”

Grand Admiral Canon: To Be or Not to Be “So Artistically Done” Again

Grand Admiral Canon

– Warning: This article contains spoilers for Aftermath and Lost Stars

Let me start this off by saying, without a doubt, this article is pure speculation. The Fleet Admiral character introduced in the final pages of Star Wars: Aftermath is without a name, species, or any other physically identifying details. He remains a mystery and will likely remain to do so until we’re much closer to the release of the second part of the Aftermath Trilogy sometime next year. But what we have been given is enough for myself and many, many, many others to speculate on the Admiral’s identity, with millions of fingers pointing at an all too familiar Grand Admiral who is synonymous with the original Expanded Universe. However, it’s as equally likely it’ll be someone else entirely or a brand new character as much as it could be the famous Admiral. But once I decided to make the assumption it could be the old staple of the Legends-verse, Thrawn, I started to wonder: how can the new unified canon make the Grand Admiral character fresh and unique while still honoring what came before in Legends? Can he really be so artistically done again? This article has my answers to those questions. Continue reading “Grand Admiral Canon: To Be or Not to Be “So Artistically Done” Again”

Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: Aftermath

Star Wars Aftermath

Spoiler Review –

Star Wars: Aftermath, sharply written by Chuck Wendig with a style that might be off-putting at first, is the most thrilling adventure of the new canon, stars a multi-dimensional and diverse cast, has an engaging character driven plot, sets a new tone and path for the expanded universe, and has a series of short stories begging (maybe too much) to be expanded.  Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: Aftermath”

Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: A New Dawn

Star Wars A New Dawn

And it begins. Announced earlier this year, we all found out that the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) of old was to be rolled over into Legends to make way for a unified story world and canonical EU. Along with the announcement came the reveal of four new books to herald in the new era, starting with John Jackson Miller’s Star Wars: A New Dawn. With a title that functions both as a signifier for this new era and a link to the plot, A New Dawn (AND) uncovers how the two main characters, Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels, first meet while showing us the Empire’s growing grasp on the galaxy far far away. And while the action stays relatively small, much like Miller’s excellent Legends novel Kenobi, the characters are strongly written within a finely plotted novel making A New Dawn a very entertaining read for both old and new Star Wars readers.

Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: A New Dawn”