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Star Wars Rebels Season One Finale Review: “Fire Across the Galaxy”

Star Wars Rebels Fire Across the Galaxy

Spoiler Review

Hype was certainly building up for the Star Wars Rebels finale “Fire Across the Galaxy:” Who is Fulcrum? Can the rebels rescue Kanan? How big a part would Vader play? And most importantly, who will fall? Despite its normal run time feeling a little short with all that takes place, it’s safe to say “Fire” lived up to the hype…and then some. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Season One Finale Review: “Fire Across the Galaxy””

Star Wars Rebels Season One Finale Previews Galore

The season one finale for Star Wars Rebels airs March 2 and “Fire Across the Galaxy” is gearing up to be quite the episode. The above trailer premiered on Good Morning America this morning and was put together by Kevin Yost, the editor behind some of the most memorable The Clone Wars trailers, and it’s definitely got an epic feel to it. Giant space battle? Check. Lightsaber dueling? Check. The crew of the Ghost in mortal danger? Quadruple check. Head below for a few more trailers, including an analysis of one, and a familiar image from TCW mocked up to fit with Rebels. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Season One Finale Previews Galore”

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Rebel Resolve”

Star Wars Rebels Rebel Resolve

Spoiler Review –

It’s hard to believe one of these last two episodes wasn’t a season finale! “Rebel Resolve” functions well as a penultimate episode, setting the stage for a dark path ahead before things might have a chance to finally get better again. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Rebel Resolve””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Call to Action”

Star Wars Rebels Call to Action

Spoiler Review

“Call to Action” is one of the darker (though not beating “Rise of the Old Masters”) and more riveting episodes of Star Wars Rebels yet…and it’s all mostly thanks to the appearance of the shrewd and calculating Grand Moff Tarkin. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Call to Action””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Vision of Hope”

Star Wars Rebels Vision of Hope

Spoiler Review

“Vision of Hope” finally brings Gall Trayvis into the light, giving the crew of the Ghost more trouble then they ever imagined, while Ezra struggles with the concept of hope and Hera shows why she’s rightfully the leader. It’s another solid episode in Star Wars Rebels‘ first season, combining heady thoughts and ideals with fun, adventure, and humor.
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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Idiot’s Array”

Star Wars Rebels Idiot's Array

Spoiler Review

While everyone might remember “Idiot’s Array” as the one where Lando Calrissian, a puffer-fish-like pig, and the creepy Azmorigan nearly ruin the lives of the Ghost’s crew, it should be remembered more for being one of Hera’s strongest episodes yet. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Idiot’s Array””

Billy Dee Williams Smooth Talks As Lando Again In Star Wars Rebels

Hello, what have we here? While we might have known about it for months now and certain viewers could already see the episode online, it’s nice to officially have the announcement Billy Dee Williams will return to reprise his iconic role of Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels episode “Idiot’s Array” airing January 19th. Continue reading “Billy Dee Williams Smooth Talks As Lando Again In Star Wars Rebels”

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Path of the Jedi”

Star Wars Rebels Path of the Jedi

– Spoiler Review –

With the winter break for Star Wars Rebels finally over, it came back on air with “Path of the Jedi,” an episode that felt more like an epilogue to “Gathering Forces” than anything else. Its mystical nature and Force-filled moments, plus the inclusion of Yoda himself (voiced by Frank Oz!), will be long remembered as the show marches onward to its season finale.
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On Star Wars Rebels, Return As Yoda, Frank Oz Does

When Star Wars Rebels returns from its winter break on January 5th, 2015, Frank Oz will briefly join the cast as the diminutive Jedi Master Yoda to share some guidance with Kanan as he continues his training of Ezra. While Yoda is still exiled on Dagobah, he is able to communicate through the Force with the young “Master,” so don’t go expecting an actual appearance of the character. However, hearing Frank Oz return as Yoda after nine years is like magic to my ears, even if it seems a little off…in a good way. Continue reading “On Star Wars Rebels, Return As Yoda, Frank Oz Does”

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Gathering Forces”

Star Wars Rebels Gathering Forces

– Spoiler Review –

I almost feel like a broken record talking about Rebels, as I’ve been calling multiple episodes the best of the season and then another comes along and dethrones it. “Gathering Forces” continues that trend, but earned the title of ‘best of the season’ and deserves to keep it for paying off everything set up in last week’s “Empire Day” in surprising and interesting ways. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Gathering Forces””