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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Empire Day”

Star Wars Rebels Empire Day

– Spoiler Review –

Ezra and his troubled past get the spotlight here, as understanding why Empire Day brings back nothing but bad memories for him sets up some very intriguing plotlines. And just when Ezra wants to disappear while the crew sticks it to the Empire on its most special day, a Rodian from his past on the run from the Empire forces the crew’s hands and suddenly things escalate out of control. And with a cliffhanger so deliciously and angrily placed as this one, “Empire Day” goes down in our history books as well, but it’s for being the best episode of the series yet.

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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Out of Darkness”

Star Wars Rebels Out of Darkness

– Spoiler Review –

Viewers who have been clamoring for Sabine to have more screen time get their wish in this week’s episode “Out of Darkness.” Hera and Sabine, stranded on an asteroid base, talk out their differences regarding Hera’s mysterious source while dealing with a bit of a pest problem in another entertaining episode of Star Wars Rebels where the characters continue to impress. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Out of Darkness””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Breaking Ranks”

Star Wars Rebels Breaking Ranks

– Spoiler Review –

“Breaking Ranks” had the tough job of following the excellent “Rise of the Old Masters,” but it performed its duties wonderfully even if it wasn’t as good. The introduction of Zare Leonis, Ezra’s true mission and the friends he makes at Lothal’s Imperial Academy, plus a space battle are all pretty great ways to counteract “RotOM.”

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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Rise of the Old Masters”

Star Wars Rebels Rise of the Old Masters

– Spoiler Review –

While Star Wars Rebels has so far been full of lighthearted and less story focused episodes, building up its characters, “Rise of the Old Masters” finds a way to change into story focus mode while retaining its identity of having great characters. It also heralds not only the introduction of the Inquisitor proper, but an incredible creepy and very intriguing moment with a familiar Jedi, and the start of training for Ezra in the Force. “RotOM” is the best episode yet and will be hard to forget for most fans. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Rise of the Old Masters””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Fighter Flight”

Cothal Shopping

– Spoiler Review –

“Fighter Flight” is a little more lighthearted than the previous episodes, but it shows the flexibility of the show by doing a rather fun episode right. It also proves Star Wars Rebels can focus on character development without having to involve some over-arcing season long plot and still be overly engaging and enjoyable.  Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Fighter Flight””

NYCC 2014 Star Wars: Kanan Comic, Rebels Clip, and Hasbro Figures

Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan 2

NYCC 2014 has come and gone, with just a Kanan-centric comic announcement, a clip from an upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels, and some new Hasbro figures including Ezra’s lightsaber.

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Star Wars Rebels Primetime Telecast Includes Darth Vader Scene


Rumored just a few days ago, Lucasfilm has confirmed Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion will air on ABC and include a brand new scene featuring Darth Vader. Better yet, James Earl Jones will reprise his role!

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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Droids In Distress”

Star Wars Rebels Droids in Distress Meeting of the Droids

Spoiler Review

After a rather rollicking premiere, now Star Wars Rebels settles into series mode. “Droids in Distress” gave us our first look at how the show will work as a series, providing more character development, R2-D2 and C-3PO, and the first hint at how the crew of the Ghost might just connect to the (eventual) larger rebel movement. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Droids In Distress””

Rebels Overload: Rebels Recon Series, 2nd Season, New Clips, and Interviews

Star Wars Rebels logo

A day before the hour premiere of Star Wars Rebels, the series was officially renewed for a second season. Sure, this isn’t much of a surprise, but it coming before the series even airs is a bit unprecedented. You can check out my review of the premiere Spark of Rebellion, watch some clips, be introduced to the Rebels Recon series, and read about new interviews below.

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Star Wars Rebels Series Premiere Review: Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Rebels

– Spoiler Review –

Set some five years before Ep. IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels follows a motley crew of rebels as they go about undermining the Empire any way possible. Spark of Rebellion is the hour-long premiere for the series, giving us a sneak peek of how the crew of the Ghost operates, showing what they find valuable, and how Ezra comes to be part of the gang. There’s been a cavalcade of positive, uproarious, and mostly excited reviews and I’ll admit this will be another on the long list, but seriously Spark of Rebellion ignites my already sparked interest in the series, thanks to its original trilogy vibe (which I didn’t realize I missed), relatable, easy-to-love characters, and action packed adventure.

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