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Padme and Ahsoka Deal with an Imposter, Jyn Erso Helps the Innocent in Newest Forces of Destiny

As great as it was to see Ahsoka and Anakin together again, it warms the heart even more to not only see Ahsoka and Padme together, taking down someone foolish to fight them, but just to see Padme irregardless, as it feels like she’s gotten the shortest stick out of all the prequel characters. “The Imposter Inside” allows us to see both Padme’s diplomatic focus but also her hidden badassey when the need arises. Jyn Erso stars in the other new episode, “The Stranger,” where she saves an innocent girl’s cat (like the Loth-cat, but from Garel, also a planet first visited on Rebels). I felt like it was the stronger of the two considering Jyn had to go out of her way to save the day, and knowing her full backstory from other material, like the YA novel Rebel Rising, highlights how this was an action she took to help prevent someone else from suffering the same losses she did as a child.

Initially, there was supposed to be an airing of all these shorts on the Disney Channel July 9, but that time has come and past with no showing. Perhaps they are waiting until the 8th and final one of this first half airs on YouTube July 10? Even that’s a mystery and it’s a bit weird to have announced it to air on the Disney Channel, even showing commercials for it (that Tweet being from series writer Jennifer Muro, who seemed surprised as anyone that they were going to be on air July 9), but never follow through. Check out links for the other episodes below. Continue reading “Padme and Ahsoka Deal with an Imposter, Jyn Erso Helps the Innocent in Newest Forces of Destiny”