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Video Game Review: Trials on Tatooine (ILMxLAB VR Experience)

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I was joking before going to Celebration Europe 2016 that if the only thing I did there was ILMxLAB’s Virtual Reality Experience, Trials on Tatooine, I’d be perfectly content. On the convention’s final day I got my chance to play and I kid you not, over Thrawn’s introduction in Star Wars Rebels or the new Rogue One footage, Trials on Tatooine will forever be my top moment from SWCE 2016. Not only was it an wholly immersive VR experience, as it felt like my childhood imaginations came to (virtual) life, it also helped sell me on VR technology and its potential.  Continue reading “Video Game Review: Trials on Tatooine (ILMxLAB VR Experience)”