Terminator: Genisys Trailer Is Back…I Mean Here

Things are about to get all Back to the Future 2 style time travel crazy in the Terminator-verse, as Genisys looks to be shaking things up quite a bit. But as the old adage goes, “No matter how much things change, they happen to stay the same,” so keep your eyes and ears out for classic reruns of lines from the earlier films and another liquid metal T-1000 to mess up life for the Connor clan. Also, it seems Arnold has never been joking about being back.

Honestly, Arnold saying, “I’ll be back,” and subsequently using himself as a missile to take out a helicopter definitely made me laugh. As for the rest of the trailer, I’ve got to say it doesn’t look half bad on the spectacle level, but I don’t know how it’ll be on the drama/human level. At least Emilia Clarke will get to be another kick-ass version of Sarah Connor, following in the footsteps of Linda Hamilton and her Game of Thrones co-star Lena Heady of course.

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