The Force Awakens Soundtrack Pre-Order, C-3PO’s Red Arm Gets Comics Backstory

The Force AwakensWhile we’re all out buying merchandise like there are holes in our wallets (it certainly felt like there was one in mine afterwards), the Star Wars official site has been busy announcing both The Force Awakens soundtrack and Marvel’s C-3PO centric one-shot comic.

C3PO #1The soundtrack won’t release until 12/18/2015 unfortunately, but you can already pre-order it so it can be in your car or on your preferred music device while making your journey to the movie theaters for the tenth time. There’s no word if we’ll learn the track listings beforehand, but with all the leaks regarding the toys and many other things the strong arm of Abram’s mystery box hasn’t been able to clamp down on, expect to learn them at some point before TFA.

If you haven’t seen the SDCC footage or Empire magazine pictures of C-3PO, you might not have realized he is sporting a red arm in TFA. The story of how he got that will unspool in a solo adventure for “golden rod” in a Marvel comic one-shot, as part of the “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The team consists of James Robinson and Tony Harris, who created the Starman from DC comics. No details beyond what I mentioned above, but expect it in stores by December. UPDATE: The C-3PO one shot actually got delayed and won’t be out until February 24, 2016. I don’t know why it happened either so the red arm remains a mystery just a little while longer. Soundtrack’s fantastic, though.

UPDATE #2 5/1/16: The comic finally came out on April 13. In my review, I said how I enjoyed its surprisingly deep themes, but felt it was too little too late, while new writer Chris felt roughly the same way.

For now, back to my Sphero BB-8.

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