The Last Jedi Behind the Scenes Featurette Unveiled at D23 2017 (UPDATED)

I found myself intrigued, confused, and patiently awaiting more after The Last Jedi‘s teaser at Celebration Orlando back in April, but I have to say, my excitement, hype, and trust we’ve got an amazing experience ahead with The Last Jedi is now through the roof after the above BTS featurette shown at D23 today (which, if you’ve been following the site Making Star Wars, there’s plenty here that confirms much of what they’ve been revealing for awhile now). From the space animals (foxes, horses, and porgs, oh my!), Rey in various Jedi garbs and fighting stances (one fight training sequence shows her against three opponents at once!), Poe, Finn, and Rose on various missions for the Resistance (including Finn and Rose going undercover in the First Order and what looks like Poe flying an A-wing like his mom!), new characters like Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo chatting with Leia and Benecio Del Toro’s “DJ” looking restless in a ship, the Canto Bight casino looking like the only casino I ever want to enter again, to Leia looking regal as all hell (and tears avoidably falling from seeing Carrie Fisher), this BTS footage will be a day long remembered for Star Wars fans. December 15 is even further away now after watching this a couple hundred times. Also, when are the Porg (those cute little penguin looking animals on Ach-to) plushies going on sale? I need at least 10…maybe more. Along with the rest of our The Last Jedi coverage below, check out some striking new character posters for TLJ and some official images from the panel itself!

The official site uploaded hi-res images from the panel itself, including these two choice shots: one of the cast together and the other teasing a battle between Finn and Phasma!

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