The Last Jedi Theatrical Trailer and Poster are Here!

Since Director Rian Johnson didn’t actually tell anyone to avoid the trailer, I’m hoping you’ve watched it already. If not, PLEASE DO SO ABOVE. If you don’t, your power with the Force is strong indeed. For those of who can’t wait the next 66 days (Order 66, anyone?), let’s talk thoughts because my immediate ones were nothing but swear words. Who exactly was Snoke talking to the whole time? Luke frightened by Rey’s power is surprising. Leia’s calm demeanor as Kylo is torn inside once again on whether to pull the trigger. Finn and Phasma. And that final shot?!?! The Last Jedi looks to be both exhilarating and heading towards unexpected directions. More thoughts below, including screengrabs and the poster!

The best thing about this trailer is how it sets up plenty of exciting scenes to theorize and question about until the film releases, it keeps the overall mystery of the film, and there’s not enough to fully make solid conclusions yet (maybe).

Let’s start with the biggie: the trailer is edited to make it seem like Snoke’s first words are about Kylo, but considering his final lines are during the uncomfortable situation he puts Rey in, it seems far more likely he’s referring to Rey the entire trailer. Now that opens some interesting things to consider, like was her family First Order? Did they flee Snoke, dropping her off on Jakku? Johnson has promised we’ll learn more about her past, so expect those questions to have answers soon!

Luke being shook and shocked by Rey’s power is unnerving but exciting. I can understand him being worried after what happened with his nephew Ben, which means Rey really has a hard road ahead to convince him to train her/possibly come back to the galaxy.

Kylo’s lines about killing the past has certainly been his goal since we met him and one can almost hear an echo of those words from Luke about the Jedi needing to end (from a certain point of view). They’re just going about it in their own ways, is all.

As for those shots of Leia and Kylo as he debates killing his mother…they are both acting the living hell out of that and I am so not ready for seeing Carrie Fisher destroying scenery but I can’t wait for it to happen. Adam Driver was an excellent catch for Kylo and he looks to be doubling down on his nuanced performance.

PORGS! PORGS SCREAMING! Am I porg for screaming? I laughed when the little porg-let showed on screen. Big question from that shot: who’s flying the Falcon?

Teased back at D23, Finn v Phasma is really happening and if I hadn’t read her novel and comic, I’d not be this worried for Finn right now. If they killed Han Solo, they could kill anyone, guys! I doubt it, but still I’m worried for him.

Hey there, Oscar Issac (with Billie Lourd in the background). Sounding more and more like a leader in the trailer, something Leia’s been working on in the comics with him.

These crystal foxes from Crait are mesmerizing.

This is SO NOT OKAY! What the hell is Snoke doing to Rey and how the hell will she get out of it?

And of course the giant Hutt in the room: the final shot of seemingly Rey and Kylo teaming up. Editing can be a tricky beast, but this is too intriguing and surprising not to consider for a little bit. Is this a vision she has on Ahch-To, hence the outfit matching her one after arriving there in The Force Awakens? Is she talking to someone else actually, like Luke? Then who is Kylo holding is hand out too? So many questions!

Here are a few other things:

And now the poster!

The Last Jedi Theatrical Poster
The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15 and tickets are live now!

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