VR Demo Lets You Train Like Luke Skywalker

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b1ycwQIG7c#t=183&w=525&h=295]

(UPDATE: 11/17/2015 It appears the video is private now and I can’t find a new one…sorry!)

It’s about time someone made sure we could all experience the early trials of Luke Skywalker’s training, namely his battle against the great combat remote aboard the Millennium Falcon. Combing the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset, a Stem Pack for head tracking, and Razer Hydra motion controllers for hand tracking, you can do your best to predict the stinging remote’s shots with up to two lightsabers, which seems a little like cheating at this point. It looks like all this demo is missing right now is a blast-shield option, encouraging words from Obi-Wan, and chiding remarks from Han Solo. Hopefully, as VR works it’s way into consumers homes over the next year or so, we’ll get to have more experiences like this.

This is what the Sixense developer of the demo had to say:

The lightsaber or sword is the true test for a one-to-one motion tracking system in VR, because it requires low latency, and almost perfect tracking of both position and orientation between your physical and your virtual self as you perform swipes, slashes, blocks and counters with the lightsaber

Story via (eurogamer.net)

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