X-Wing and TIE Fighter Flight Sim Games Re-Released

X-Wing Collector's Edition

After 20 years, the premier flight-sims of the 90’s (and some consider arguably of all-time) and what many deem the best Star Wars games ever (besides or even better than Knights of the Old Republic), X-Wing and TIE Fighter are being re-released digitally for $10 a pop…today. They are the Special Editions, which include expansions, updated graphics, and other bonus content. It looks like it’s time to dust off the old joystick, or find a new one to buy.

X-Wing Returns!Both games aren’t compatible with modern PCs and laptops, but for the past decade or so there’s been some trickery involved to get them to play. I asked the author of SWGameChamber.net about the process, and he suggested having things like a DOSBox and other software to trick your modern PC into playing it; While not an entirely difficult process, it’s a chore for most people and now Good Old Games is doing the ‘hard’ work for you while allowing you to play some gaming classics, so this digital re-release is a win-win for everyone. Now seriously, I have to go find my old joystick and check these out for the very first time. Look for my reviews in the coming month.

There’s also a few other LucasArts classics that released, including an Indiana Jones game, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Knights of the Old Republic with even more promised to come!

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