You Can Read the Rogue One Comic Adaptation in April…the Captain Said So

Rogue One Comic Adaptation Phil Noto Variant

Whether or not you liked The Force Awakens’ comic adaptation (we weren’t that big of fans of it here at the Manor), there’s a whole new creative team behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s adaptation, with Jody Hauser as writer and Emilio Laiso (Star Wars Annual #2) on artist duties. You can look for it in comic shops with issue #1 starting in April, but before then, you’ll find below that I’ve looked into Hauser’s past works (and mention how she fits into my hopes for 2017’s comics) and what Laiso means for the story as an artist.

Jody Hauser worked previously on the Oprhan Black comic, which wasn’t so much an adaptation but an expansion of the characters from the show, so she seems to know her way around working with properties brought to life first on a screen. Her site mainly reveals she’s worked on several limited series comics, meaning she’s no stranger to a short run of issues, which Rogue One will be a total of six. And lastly, she’s heading the Faith ongoing for Valiant comics, which stars a plus-sized superhero and has gone on to have the fastest third through fifth printing of a single issue in comics history; It seems she’s doing something right, hey? In the interview with, she teases the comic will expand on what was seen in the both the film and novelization, while she seems to most look forward to writing about Jyn, Cassian, and Bohdi because, “You have the new convert, the lapsed believer, and the life-long devout thrown together to work for a common goal.” She sounds like a pretty good fit for the adaptation, so here’s hoping that ends up being true in the finished product. Another great thing about Hauser is that in my 2016 Year-in-Review of the comics, I found 2016’s dearth of female creatives working on Star Wars a problem and well, I have to say, this is a good start at turning that around.

Emilio Laiso drew for his first second Star Wars comic with the highly entertaining Star Wars Annual #2 in December (his first was Shattered Empire #2) and while I enjoyed his work there, I’m not entirely sure it’ll be a good fit for RO. Laiso’s art in Annual #2 was a little more cartoon-ish in its exaggerations, which worked very well with the story of that issue, but it might feel out of place with the darker, grittier tone of RO. But there’s been no preview pages released yet so I can’t say for certain, as Laiso could adjust his style accordingly.

Check back in April for our reviews! UPDATE: The first issue is here and it really delivers!

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