Legendary Adventures: Cloak of Deception

Legendary Adventures #16 Cloak of Deception

The Phantom Menace‘s beginning was, suffice it to say, less than ideal. The whole concept of the movie was that a disastrous trade dispute had turned into open hostility between a planet and the Trade Federation. Hardly any background information on the trade dispute was given, leaving most confused about the core of the conflict and what it meant for any of the characters. This is where Legends stepped in: not only did it fill it in the gaps, but Legends authors came together to weave a grand narrative out of this, spinning, eventually, into Palpatine’s overt bid for control of the galaxy. Click through to see how Cloak of Deception played a major role in the story!

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Canon Comic Review: Darth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith #10

Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith #10

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In the thrilling Darth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith #10, Jocasta Nu’s final actions have far-reaching consequences, including affecting Vader’s new found place in the Empire, which wraps up this part of “The Dying Light” arc in grand fashion. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Darth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith #10”

Always Two There Are: 2017 Star Wars Comics Year-in-Review

2017 Marvel Star Wars ComicsWith 2017 in the books, there’s plenty to discuss and dissect from its Star Wars comics, as not only did Marvel have plenty to offer fans, like a beat-every-expectation second Darth Vader series, Doctor Aphra‘s adventures went in directions not even I hoped, and the Star Wars mainline series changed writer hands, but the biggest news was how they weren’t going to be alone anymore: IDW joined the fray with its younger marketed Adventures series. But how has Marvel and IDW’s combined 80 issues of 2017 fared, what were their triumphs and failures, lessons and hardships? Without further ado, my 2017 Star Wars Comics Year-In-Review, while operating a little differently this year, will look back at what did and didn’t work, reveal my top 5 moments list with too many to pick from, and include some hopes and fears for 2018.

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Canon Novel Review: Canto Bight

Canto Bight Short Story Collection Review

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Released at the beginning of December, as part of the “Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi” initiative, Canto Bight is a novella collection that gives readers a peek into the new casino location seen in the film. The four novellas, written by Saladin Ahmed, Mira Grant, Rae Carson, and John Jackson Miller, all paint the casino world of Cantonica as “Space Vegas,” in various thrilling, funny, and dark ways. Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Canto Bight”

Canon Comic Review: Star Wars #41

Star Wars #41

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Luke’s walkabout has a surprising, but necessary outcome, while the plot thickens for the Rebellion’s plans on the devastated Jedha in the latest “Ashes of Jedha” issue, Star Wars #41. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Star Wars #41”

The Last Jedi and a New Hope

The Last Jedi and a New Hope

Everything in The Last Jedi leads to hope being straight up strangled, stabbed in the back, forced to drink green milk directly from a Thala-siren, and left for dead, not just for its characters, but for the audience as well. And it might be my favorite thematic aspect of the film. But don’t worry, neither The Last Jedi nor I are soulless and evil, because this desecration of hope leads into its brilliant resurrection by the very end. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “The Last Jedi and a New Hope”

Canon Comic Review: The Last Jedi – Storms of Crait #1

The Last Jedi - Storms of Crait #1

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Storms of Crait #1 reads like an Annual issue of the mainline series, offering a fast-paced adventure that doesn’t linger too long on anything worthwhile beyond more action. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: The Last Jedi – Storms of Crait #1”

Canon Comic Review: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #5

Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu #5

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With Jedi of Republic – Mace Windu issue #5, the series that started with a question mark ends as one, with a whole lot of shrugs. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #5”

Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #15

Doctor Aphra #15

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After what felt like a series refresh in issue #14, Doctor Aphra #15 continues unabated with the new lease on life, bringing more quality humor, snark, and murderbot mastery any organic would die for! Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #15”