Agent Kallus Hunts Rebels Like It’s His Job or Something

The next Star Wars Rebels villain has officially been announced. After seeing his action figure, catching glimpses of him in trailers, and even hearing a few small lines, we’re finally introduced to the Inquisitor’s right hand man: Agent ‘Mutton chops’ Kallus (Mutton chops isn’t part of his name but it’s certainly not hard to see why I added it in there). Not only is his name not subtle, but the voice behind Kallus should be easily recognizable: David Oyelowo.

David Oyelowo

David’s been rumored to be attached with Star Wars Rebels as early as last year and it’s only until today we finally got to see his exact involvement with the series. The talented and much sought after actor plays Agent Kallus, a member of the Imperial Security Bureau, who is looking to snuff out rebellious activity before it gets out of hand. Both Dave Filoni and Oyelowo feel that Kallus isn’t evil per se, nor does Kallus view his actions as evil, since he’s doing what he thinks is right for the betterment of the Empire. Also, he’s trying really, really hard to make mutton chops not just Wolverine’s thing, which is a pretty ambitious goal if you ask me.

Two of my favorite things from this reveal video include the concept art for a Chiss version of Kallus, the race brought to fame by Legends/EU baddie Grand Admiral Thrawn. And David Oyelowo’s kids having the right priorities when it comes to which role of his to be most excited about.

With the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars Rebels panel being all about the Heroes, is the long under wraps voice of the Inquisitor set to be unveiled soon?

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