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Agents of SHIELD

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It’s SHIELD vs SHIELD in “One Door Closes,” an espionage packed episode of Agents of SHIELD where true allegiances come to light and new ones are formed.

Agents of SHIELDLacing the episode with several flashbacks to the day SHIELD fell (i.e. Captain America 2) was a really effective way to show how the ‘other SHIELD’ kind of came together, even if it got a little cheesy; ending with the slow-motion no-holds-barred-shooting-every-last-bullet-standing-in-a-line-against-impossible-odds bit. But it brought back Lucy Lawless’ character Hartley, who went out in shocking fashion in the 2nd season premiere, to kick some ass with her penchant for a knife even in a gun fight. Overall, the flashbacks gave a little more background on Bobbi and Mack, connecting them to other events and helping us understand them better just as they finally betray Coulson’s SHIELD for their idealistic version.

“Door” didn’t waste its time in the present, quickly getting to the confrontation of Mack and Bobbi against Coulson’s SHIELD. After investigating Mack’s mini-Lola and his suspicions from last week, Coulson calls Mack out and a small team corners him. At the same time Bobbi is found by May stealing Fury’s Toolbox and they proceed to have a thrilling fist fight through the base, battling for control of the toolbox throughout (It was almost better than the Agent 33 vs May battle…almost). Just as both agents have been caught, Bobbi’s sabotage of the base allows them to disappear, biding their time for backup.

Of all the people to catch Bobbi, I wouldn’t have guessed Simmons. But to seemingly prove how far her character has come and changed, Simmons is now good enough of a liar to catch Bobbi unawares and take her down with some gizmos. As great as Simmons’ little victory is, it doesn’t do much good in the long run, as Gonzales’ SHIELD knocks down the walls and takes over the facility thanks to some sleeping gas. The takeover allows Fitz and Simmons, who are still fighting over Simmons’ Quake-neutralizing gloves, to show each other that no matter what, they still have each other’s backs. But while their relationship runs deeper than philosophical differences, meeting up with their old boss Agent Weaver again could drive another wedge into their friendship/relationship/whatever it is they have going on with one another.

Agents of SHIELDThe Coulson and Gonzales conversation was rather well done, as Gonzales showed just how little information he really had and Coulson showed just how much he had. But neither seems to respect the other for how much information they may or may not have, instead they’d rather find hints of the men they used to know before Hydra came out of the woodwork. And just as Gonzales’ coup d’état seems to be going well, May rescues Coulson and sends him out a secret passage with Fury’s Toolbox. Coulson finds himself sharing a drink with Hunter on a nice sunny beach, who makes a big decision and signs a bar napkin to take the permanent position with SHIELD that he was previously offered. Hunter’s motivations might be more selfish, like winning Bobbi back from Gonzales’ SHIELD nonsense, but at least he’ll be a great asset to Coulson in the days ahead.

Agents of SHIELDBut my favorite bits from “Door” have to do with Skye out at the retreat. Gordon pops by for a visit and already I’m really enjoying his character: He has an odd sense of humor and a confident way about himself and his changes, helping give Skye hope about her new condition, even if it makes her doubt Coulson and Co.’s plans with her. Her flight through the woods, with ‘other SHIELD’ on her tail, came to a pretty awesome conclusion when she Quaked out, redirecting a bullet and blasting out a wide swath of woods. The effects were really well done and completely sold the scene, something which this show has thankfully excelled at this season. Can’t wait to see her interact with the other Inhumans, but it might be all tainted by the presence of her father.

Here are a few other things:

  • Having Gonzales be a Commander, who Coulson calls the best, was a nice little wink wink nod nod to Olmos’ Battlestar Galactica career.
  • The actor playing Agent Calderon (the one who shot at Skye), Kirk Acevedo, has a much more complex role on Syfy’s surprisingly grand 12 Monkeys.


Much like the title of this episode suggests, even though one door has closed, many others have certainly opened as Agents of SHIELD sets some fascinating plots into motion for the latter half of it’s markedly improved second season.

+ Skye Quaking out

+ ‘other SHIELD’ comes out of the shadows

+ Flashbacks

 Maybe a little too much cheese

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