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Lando #4

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Somehow, issue after issue, things continuously look worse and worse for Lando Calrissian and his crew aboard the Imperialis. If I didn’t know he was going to be in a movie that takes place later in the timeline, I for one wouldn’t think he’d find a way out of this situation. And while he will, it might cost those around him more than it’ll cost him, at least physically, but psychologically? That’s a different matter. Lando #4 puts this strong series into position for a finale you won’t want to miss.

Whatever the statue of the head and it’s glowing eyes really are doesn’t really matter once we see the influence of its corruption rip apart the strange, loving bond between the two cloned aliens, Aleksin and Pavol. We saw them embrace in #1, but their discussion of love and wanting to have another clone of themselves as a child was a little odd considering they are clones, but still made the proceedings a bit emotional when it was clear Aleksin had been so easily and thoroughly corrupted by the Sith relic. The moment might have been a little stronger if there had been more focus on them in previous issues, but the important part of them got all the focus anyways: how deadly they can be in combat. Knowing what we do about their combat prowess so far only makes #4’s cliffhanger more terrifying for readers and anyone aboard the Imperialis: both Aleksin and Pavol are corrupted and wielding lightsabers, out for blood.

While in the beginning of the Lando series I enjoyed Lobot and Lando’s interactions, Korin has taken over that job dutifully in the last two issues. Their discussions on whether to run or stay, and if it’s greed or loyalty that is compelling them to stay, might be overlooked as highlights of the series with all the over shenanigans going on. It’s not often we get the career criminal’s POV in a Star Wars tale, which makes their motivations a little murkier than say a Rebel’s or an Imperial’s might be as they have a cause to fight for; instead, Lando and Korin each have their own hides to worry about first and foremost, meaning when things get this out of control, escaping is the next step. Lando is seemingly used to cutting and running, as Korin would like us all to believe, but nothing was more telling than Lando’s pep talk to himself before rushing out to rescue Korin from the mysterious Chanath Cha: Lando has a backbone and loyalty…eventually (as Han and Leia find out, it might be too little, too late…but at least it’s there).

I had a feeling Chanath Cha wasn’t going to be a stock male character and I was happy to be right here by her helmet-less reveal at the end. They played coy about using any gender terms to describe her in the previous issues and the strength of her character alone made her gender a moot point. I’m still sticking with the theory she’s the Imperial Guard Lando once knew (why else would Palpatine trust her so completely? And she know what Palpatine wants so well?), but for now, keeping her backstory and history with Lando a secret is acceptable. It’s an exciting turn of events anyways and she came in just the nick of time, as she’s likely the only one aboard the Imperialis who might have a fighting chance against corrupted Aleksin and Pavol (especially if she’s an ex-Imperial Guard). No matter the outcome, more Cha across the board please!

Here are a few other things:

  • Lando either missed the news about Star Wars Land or he’s copying their idea with his proposed, “Lando Land.” I think I’d like to see what that would entail! It would probably swindle us all out of our credits, though.
  • Lando’s constant heckling of Korin when the Sava started explaining things instead of telling Lando credit values was funny, but all the teasing hides surprising and small reveal: Korin is a female Ugnaught, not a male. Hard to tell with the species, but again like Cha, one shouldn’t always assume a character is male.
  • I like the irony of the Jedi suppressing knowledge about the Sith, as Sava Korin tells it, and now the Sith have suppressed knowledge of the Jedi.
  • Speaking of the ol’ Sava…her insults are always enjoyable, even if I don’t understand them. But much like the Chinese swears in Firefly, they get the point across easily enough.
  • As I said in #3, I suspect we’ll see Lobot get taken over by his implants before this series is through.
  • Lord Momin, supposedly behind the relics in the Sith vault by Korin’s guess, is a brand new character.
  • And now the important and required moment where I state the obvious: the art and colors by Maleev and Mounts, respectively, is just damn awesome for Lando. Couldn’t have picked a better look and style for the tale they are telling.


I have many ideas on how Lando, Korin, Lobot, and Cha will get out of the mess they are all in now, but if the Lando series has taught me anything, it’s that it’ll find ways to surprise me no matter what. Kudos to Soule.

+ Stakes keeping getting higher

+ Chanath Cha’s reveal

+ Set up for quite the finale

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