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Always Two There Are: 2017 Star Wars Comics Year-in-Review

2017 Marvel Star Wars ComicsWith 2017 in the books, there’s plenty to discuss and dissect from its Star Wars comics, as not only did Marvel have plenty to offer fans, like a beat-every-expectation second Darth Vader series, Doctor Aphra‘s adventures went in directions not even I hoped, and the Star Wars mainline series changed writer hands, but the biggest news was how they weren’t going to be alone anymore: IDW joined the fray with its younger marketed Adventures series. But how has Marvel and IDW’s combined 80 issues of 2017 fared, what were their triumphs and failures, lessons and hardships? Without further ado, my 2017 Star Wars Comics Year-In-Review, while operating a little differently this year, will look back at what did and didn’t work, reveal my top 5 moments list with too many to pick from, and include some hopes and fears for 2018.

— Spoilers for comics released in 2017 — Continue reading “Always Two There Are: 2017 Star Wars Comics Year-in-Review”

Canon Comic Review: IDW’s Star Wars Adventures Vol 1: Heroes of the Galaxy (Issues #1-2)

Star Wars Adventures Vol1 Heroes of the Galaxy

At April’s Celebration Orlando this year, IDW announced they’d be bringing all-ages Star Wars comics to the market place and now we have Star Wars Adventures! The series is as canon as Marvel’s comics are and set to contain, you guessed it, adventures across time and space of the Star Wars galaxy. Volume 1: Heroes of the Galaxy is made up of a two-part main tale about Rey during her days on Jakku and some “Tales from Wild Space” featuring Obi-Wan and Evaan Veraline, and already it’s clear SW Adventures is a product anyone can find joy in. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: IDW’s Star Wars Adventures Vol 1: Heroes of the Galaxy (Issues #1-2)”