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Star Wars Rebels Series Finale Review: “A Fool’s Hope” & “Family Reunion – and Farewell”

Star Wars Rebels Series Finale Goodbye for NowBack when Star Wars Rebels was first announced in May of 2013, I was still writing for the fansite Knights’ Archive, which is where I started covering the show once the character announcements began in early 2014. That site closed its doors only a few months later in May and I opened the Manor in June, anxious to continue covering the show here as my excitement for the series grew. Fast forward to March 5, 2018, and after four seasons, Rebels airs its final episodes, ending an era for both Lucasfilm Animation and for the site as well. Considering how Rebels has been a vital part of the Manor’s content since I started the site, as I sit here hashing out my finale review, it’s been crazy to think how far both the show and this site have come since then. While I’m sure we’ll talk about Rebels in the future through think-pieces and various, numerous connections other material will make to it in the years ahead, this is the last review I’ll ever write for an episode of the series and, most importantly, I’m happy to have shared this journey with you, my fellow fans! But enough waxing poetic, let’s get into the series finale review, shall we?!? With “A Fool’s Hope” & “Family Reunion – and Farewell,” Star Wars Rebels has crafted an unforgettable finale, closing off the show in exciting, well-earned ways, while setting up for the next chapter with so many surprises my head is still spinning. Dive below for the spoilers, because there is PLENTY to talk about!

– Spoiler Review –

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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Wolves and a Door” & “A World Between Worlds”

Star Wars Rebels Wolves and a Door Mortis Mural
via Lucasfilm

– Spoiler Review –

As Star Wars Rebels barrels towards its series finale, the latest episodes,”Wolves and a Door” & “A World Between Worlds,” bend minds, offer new understandings of the Force, bring back a familiar face, and so much more, meaning they’ll likely be rewatched and analyzed for years to come.

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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Jedi Night” & “DUME”

Star Wars Rebels Jedi Night

– Spoiler Review –

Star Wars Rebels‘ fourth and final season has begun its march towards the end, starting with “Jedi Night” & “Dume,” two episodes offering one helluva return which pushes the Ghost crew to face an uncertain future, setting up some final threads for the show to explore. Serious spoilers ahead, folks. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Jedi Night” & “DUME””

Star Wars Rebels Returns for Final Episodes February 19

We already got the beginning of the end when the first half of Star Wars Rebels fourth and final season began airing late last year, but now we’re getting the true beginning of the end as the second half begins airing February 19. As for hints at what’s coming, look no further than another exceptional trailer (from Kevin Yost per usual!) above, where Kanan gets a new ‘do, Emperor Palpatine sets his sights on Ezra, and The Clone Wars’ mysterious and decisive Mortis Trilogy finds itself rather important to these final 6 episodes. Full schedule and episode descriptions below! Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Returns for Final Episodes February 19”

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Rebel Assault”

Star Wars Rebels Rebel Assault

– Spoiler Review –

“Rebel Assault,” the mid-season finale for Star Wars Rebels’ final season, is one of the series’ most thrilling, tense episodes to date and an amazing showcase of the multi-talented Space Mom of the year, Hera Syndulla. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Rebel Assault””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Kindred” & “Crawler Commandeers”

Star Wars Rebels Kindred
Credit: Lucasfilm

– Spoiler Review –

I’ve decided to do one review for the double episodes they’ve been airing each night for Star Wars Rebels this season, whether they are billed as a two-parter or not, so below you’ll find reviews for “Kindred” and “Crawler Commandeers,” which aired together. For “Kindred,” it’s quite the start to the hour, finally giving fans something they’ve been asking for, along with plenty of action and more hints at the endgame, while “Crawler Commandeers” is the fun before the storm episode we’ll need before next week’s midseason finale. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Kindred” & “Crawler Commandeers””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Flight of the Defender”

Star Wars Rebels Flight of the Defende

– Spoiler Review –

Star Wars Rebels‘ “Flight of the Defender” has plenty of exciting action with the titular TIE, but a tease for the show’s endgame is what will stick with viewers for a very long time. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Flight of the Defender””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Occupation”

Star Wars Rebels The Occupation

– Spoiler Review –

Star Wars Rebels has slowly gone darker over the years and “The Occupation” brings that home both literally a figuratively, forever altering the planet Lothal in unexpected, emotional, and compelling ways. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Occupation””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “In the Name of the Rebellion”

Star Wars Rebels In the Name of the Rebellion

– Spoiler Review –

Star Wars Rebels‘ final season gets another high octane hour with, “In the Name of the Rebellion,” which doesn’t manage to upstage the premiere but matches it in nearly every way possible, while deepening the series’ connective tissue with Rogue One. If this is the level they’ll maintain all season, we’re in for quite the final treat. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “In the Name of the Rebellion””

Star Wars Rebels Season Four Premiere Review: “Heroes of Mandalore” Part 2

Star Wars Rebels Heroes of Mandalore Part 2
Image Credit: Lucasfilm

– Spoiler Review –

This review focuses mainly on Part 2 of the Star Wars Rebels’ final season premiere episode, “Heroes of Mandalore,” but it also sums up my feelings on the entire episode, feelings that have changed in both pluses and minuses since seeing only the first half at April’s Celebration Orlando. The whole review will tell you one thing though: why I’d say this is the best premiere episode of the series. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Season Four Premiere Review: “Heroes of Mandalore” Part 2″