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Having opinions is nothing new, but rarely will you get to hear the thoughts and opinions from members of the service-staff caste (they mostly have to hear yours!). They’ve seen all sorts of interesting events, mostly too devious to share, but those which can be shared safely with the public can be found here. Check out the staff’s thoughts and opinions below!

Also, we’ve managed to procure some interviews, providing insights from others with opinions beyond just are staff. Be sure to check those out below as well!

Star Wars Interviews

Colin Jackman: Key Sculptor with Lucasfilm’s Creature Department

“Together Ryan and Elliot cooked up some questions for Colin (though both Qs & As got looked at by Lucasfilm so don’t go expecting any scoops on upcoming films like The Last Jedi), and his answers are full of insightful looks behind the curtains of creatures like Grummgar from TFA and Bistan and Pao from Rogue One, how to have calm under fandom pressure, and advice for anyone looking to get into the field. Check out our interview with Colin Jackman!”

Star Wars Ring Theory: An Interview with the Author, Mike Klimo, and Why You Should Read It

“Star Wars Ring Theory: The Hidden Artistry of the Star Wars Prequels is one of those unique things only a fanbase as passionate as the Star Wars universe can conceive of. If you haven’t read this multi-page epic dissection of the first six films in the saga, do so now and then return here for an interview with the author, Mike Klimo. If you don’t want to read it just yet, stick around and I’ll try to explain why you should read it no matter what level of fan you may be of Star Wars.”

Star Wars Confessions


Rey and the F Word

“From the first time we see Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she is independent. She leads a precarious profession that endangers her life daily and that danger coupled with the harsh elements of an outlaw desert world made her a survivor. The preferred adjective we give to those of her breed is “strong” and she is indeed that. But when fans discuss Rey’s journey, sometimes things go wrong. Her “strength” becomes a liability.”

Through Luke’s Eyes: A Creative Character Analysis

“It had been months since Luke Skywalker had fought Darth Vader in Cloud City. A plan had taken shape between Luke, Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian to save Han Solo from his carbonite prison at Jabba the Hutt’s palace. In the weeks leading up to the day that they’d infiltrate the palace, Luke stayed on Tatooine living in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s old hut, an ivory colored, dome-shaped desert igloo that had few comforts but enough to stay cool during the day, warm at night and live a simple life. He filled his days with Jedi training, reading Obi-Wan’s journals, practicing lightsaber dueling as best he could and meditating with the Force.”


“I’m a Rogue Archaeologist. You Have to Expect a Little Digging”: The Many Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for the Doctor Aphra Comic Series

Doctor Aphra Comic Series Excitement Article Header“When Doctor Aphra was initially introduced in Darth Vader issue #3, it didn’t take long for myself and many others to fall in love with the character. Twenty plus comic issues since, the enjoyment and excitement that comes from her being on the page hasn’t waned and has only grown even more and more. It recently reached a fever-pitch since the dual revelation she survives her time with Vader and will have her very own ongoing series, but for those who have yet to enjoy her special brand of snark, wit, and love for weapons, you’re probably wondering why exactly fans like myself are so damn enthusiastic this rogue archaeologist persists.”

The Last Jedi and a New Hope

The Last Jedi and a New Hope“Everything in The Last Jedi leads to hope being straight up strangled, stabbed in the back, forced to drink green milk directly from a Thala-siren, and left for dead, not just for its characters, but for the audience as well. And it might be my favorite thematic aspect of the film. But don’t worry, neither The Last Jedi nor I are soulless and evil, because this desecration of hope leads into its brilliant resurrection by the very end. Let’s take a look.”

The Curious Case of Force Ghosts

“…I’ll be looking at how even though the whole idea of Force spirits got simpler, it has gotten equally more complicated (Yoda’s The Clone Wars arc helped on both ends), offering up curious questions including why Anakin Skywalker hasn’t made many visits (yet), and who’s still haunting around in the sequel trilogy. Strap in, unless you’re a ghost of course then float around at your leisure, as Detective Mynock is about take you on a ghoulish ride into the spirits of Star Wars where the answers might be more fleeting than any of us would like at the moment.”

The Curious Case of Governor Arihnda Pryce

“…Governor Pyrce has pretty much been a non-entity in the show and suddenly in her first appearance not only is shown as practically an equal to Grand Moff Tarkin but she’s standing right by Thrawn’s side after she demanded he be brought in. How did she go from a character barely mentioned in season one, rarely in season two, to hanging out with the two most recognizable Imperials who have names that start with “T?” After some careful research, I’ve uncovered ewok crumbs leading straight to the answer…”

40 Years of Star Wars? It’s Time for a Miniature Golf Course

Mynock Manor's Star Wars Mini Golf Ideas“I’ve been wondering what a completely Star Wars-themed mini golf course would be like. So, as my site’s way of celebrating 40 years of the saga today, I took it upon myself to design a dream Star Wars mini golf course because if we can get a Jar Jar Binks Candy Tongue, how come there’s never been SW mini golf in its 40 years? So I took my many years of professional mini golf designing and playing skills (see: next to none, but who’s really counting?) to make a course which include visits to such memorable GFFA locales like Endor, Hoth, the Millennium Falcon, Mustafar, and even the dreaded Death Star to name a few. Check it out!”

Grand Admiral Canon: To Be or Not to Be “So Artistically Done” Again

“…how can the new unified canon make the Grand Admiral character fresh and unique while still honoring what came before in Legends? Can he really be so artistically done again? This article has my answers to those questions.

The Great Reboot of 2100: Just How Evergreen Is Star Wars?

“Could Star Wars still be alive as a franchise in 2115, because as evergreen a property as it may be, can it really survive another 100 years, especially as is? Could those behind the franchise finally run out of ideas, letting Star Wars fade into everyone’s great-great-grandparent’s distant memories or could they have taken certain measures to ensure its survival for 100 more years? Enter ‘The Great Reboot of 2100.'”

With New Eyes: The EU Reboot Changed How I View Ep.VI

“Over the past decade(s), I (and many other fans like me) have watched RotJ and had a subconscious and/or conscious knowledge of what was to come thanks to the EU. Now, with the slate wiped clean, watching RotJ feels like seeing it for the very first time.”

Chutes, Shafts, and Sinkholes: Star Wars and the Descent into the Underworld Mytheme

“While “descent into the underworld” isn’t exactly a step in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, which George Lucas worked with extensively for the Original Trilogy, it fits within other versions of the monomyth. But as a motif, it’s been widely used, and most famously depicted in Dante’s The Divine Comedy: Inferno, something at least one of the below examples emulates. And in fact, there’s a wide possibility of moments in the greater Star Wars saga that could represent the descension motif and I chose the ones involving literal representations of the underworld like chutes, shafts, and sinkholes.”

Dream or Force Vision: A Crazy Night’s Thoughts on Star Wars: Episode VIII

“It’s not very often I have Force visions (see: never), but I just recently had a dream that I could easily mistake for one. This dream, despite all the Rogue One news and trailer dropping or all the hours I’ve sunk into No Man’s Sky on PS4, was about the ending to Episode VIII. In the interest of posterity, and just seeing if maybe somehow this dream was actually a prophetic Force vision of the future, I wrote it all down so when the next saga film releases in December 2017, I could compare. I’ve decided I’ll share that dream with you all as well…”

The Future of Star Wars Video Games series: Choice isn’t an Option (Part One)  |  Always on the Move (Part Two)  |  A Good Blaster at Your Side (Part Three)

EU and Gaming: Thoughts on Their Relationship

“Imagine this: strapped in the top turret of the Millennium Falcon, the ship shuddering from the projectiles of enemy craft, you’ll have to actively ignore Han Solo bellowing obscenities after each hit to keep your concentration. You swivel the turret, attempting to keep the asteroid shaped objects currently assailing the Falcon within your targeting frame.”

Preserving the Mystery of In-Universe History

“…as this article’s title suggests, it’s not going to be about spoiling TFA, instead it’ll be discussing the advantages of keeping the in-universe history which leads up to TFA a mystery. Because if the 30-35 years post-Return of the Jedistays a mystery until the opening crawl and even after the credits roll for TFA, the film has a chance to emulate a feeling similar to when viewers were first introduced to the galaxy far, far away (be it 1977 or their first viewing of the films). Who doesn’t want that?”

The Force Awaken’s “(Just) Let It In,” – A Parody of Frozen’s “Let It Go

“It got to the point where I was hearing “Let It In” replacing the words “Let It Go” in Idina Menzel’s song and that’s when it hit me: the only way to get the two unconnected in my head was to go all out and completely redo Elsa’s showstopping number “Let It Go” to become Rey’s breakout hit, “Let It In.” Maybe not the best idea, but here are the results.”

Netflix Hopes #1: The Rule of Two

“…a show focusing on the Rule of Two, and how over the generations Bane’s simple plan managed to survive long enough for Palpatine to use it to destroy the Jedi. Here’s why I think it would work so well as a TV series.