Cosplay Gallery and Celebrity Sightings (SWCE 2016)

SWCE 2016 Key ArtI didn’t grab as many cosplay pictures as I would’ve like for Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016, but the ones I did are a great reminder of how important and pivotal the art of cosplaying is for a enjoyable convention experience. There’s also one or two celebrity sightings but no, I didn’t happen to catch Alden Ehrenreich (aka the new Han Solo) wandering around with a stormtrooper mask on. Next year, maybe? Also included below, the entire cosplay competition from the show!

I think this goes without saying, but the amount of Rey cosplayers this year was insane, especially the amount of little girls who participated. It was really cool to see how the female fans have embraced the character and I feel like since her outfit is the exact opposite of a slave-bikini, more people are living to try it out or parents are more willing to let their kids dress up as their favorite character. There were also some really unique outfits, including a pink Wookiee and a giant Salacious Crumb (which is still in my nightmares, thanks to how well the cosplayer did the little creature’s laugh), and even Director Krennic from Rogue One (I did see some Jyn Erso’s but didn’t get a chance to snag a picture).

And here is the entire Cosplay Championship from SWCE, where you can see some great Jyn Erso, Ahsoka, and the amazing Grumgarr cosplays in their full glory!

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