E3 2015 Star Wars News: Battlefront Gameplay Footage, SWTOR Expansion, Disney Infinity 3.0 Sets, and Mobile Games

While it feels just as staged as the demo us Star Wars Celebration Anaheim attendees saw behind-closed-doors, there’s no denying how beautiful Star Wars Battlefront looks, as seen in the above gameplay trailer. But that wasn’t all for Star Wars gaming news, as The Old Republic MMO had a new expansion announced, some more details on the Disney Infinity 3.0 playsets (like where you can get a Boba Fett figure first), and unfortunately another dang mobile card collecting game. The only disappointment was the lack of any news (not even a title!) for Visceral Games’ project. Head below for more video and details.

This second video of Battlefront (which, if I’m not mistaken, has Tom Kane doing his best Ackbar) was shown at the PlayStation E3 Conference and showcases a “Survival” mode, which is Battlefront‘s take on the ever popular wave-based multiplayer modes. These can be completely with friends locally or online and are just one of few replacements for a lack of single-player mode, including one mode where you and an AI army face your buddy and their AI army or another where you battle as all the game’s playable hero characters (much like in Battlefront 2). I’m still pretty bummed about a lack of single-player and space (though in-atmosphere looks impressive), but it’s hard to look at this game and not want it just for the graphics alone. Don’t forget, pre-order now to get the “Battle of Jakku” ‘mission’ one week early. Battlefront launches November 17, 2015.

The Old Republic isn’t ready to let gamers go yet and is introducing a brand new story-driven expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. It introduces a new faction to the war and has your character become The Outlander, but outside that the details surrounding the expansion are scarce. Head over to SWTOR official’s site for some details, including new gameplay perks and subscriber bonuses. And in case you’re wondering, as far as we know, this still isn’t canon.

Announced early May, Star Wars is (inevitably) coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 with three play sets (Twilight of the Republic, a prequel trilogy set, Rise Against the Empire, an original trilogy one, and an unnamed The Force Awakens themed set). The above trailer is for Rise Against the Empire and was unveiled at Sony’s E3 conference, alongside the news PlayStation fans will be able to get an exclusive starter pack for 3.0 that allows them to play RAtE a month early and get early access to a Boba Fett figurine. Star Wars Rebels characters will also be collectible figurines, but so far no word on if they’ll get their own themed play set. I have no doubt this will be a fun experience for families and Star Wars fans (and any gamer, for that matter), but all I really want to get for this are the Ahsoka Tano and Sabine figurines because they are pretty sweet!

Galaxy of Heroes

The last announcement Star Wars-wise at E3 was another battling collectible card game for mobile devices, Galaxy of Heroes. My excitement for this is at about the same level as Anakin Skywalker’s excitement for sand. Since there’s not much known about it yet, it’s impossible to actually form an opinion on the game itself, but it was certainly a disappointing announcement compared to a possible Visceral Games’ one we’ve all been waiting for. Also announced recently for mobile devices was Uprising, the first mobile game to be set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Again, as we learned with Commander, the choices present in the gameplay would mean it’s technically not canon, though it is seemingly set around canonical events….maybe. It wasn’t made clear, so if that type of thing is important to you, sorry to say there’s not much concrete evidence either way.

But again, my heart weeps over the lack of any type of Visceral Games’ Star Wars project announcement. I’m not even greedy about it, a title would’ve sufficed!

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