Exciting New Star Wars Rebels Season Two Trailer Premiered at NYCC 2015

Sit back and enjoy these three minutes of Star Wars Rebels Season Two teasing goodness, because it’s almost as entertaining of a trailer as the one shown at Celebration Anaheim in April. Whether it’s Ahsoka vs the two new Inquisitors, Sabine and her Mandalorian heritage, Imperial Interdictor cruisers, more of the returning clones, that Palpatine is still stealing Force-sensitive younglings, details on Ezra’s parents, or new characters like the mysterious bounty hunter, you probably don’t have a pulse if you watched the trailer and weren’t in the least bit excited for the new season. 

And if the trailer isn’t enough to get you excited, maybe the new Rebels-themed emoji set from the Star Wars App will be more your speed. Check out the S2 premiere episode October 14th on Disney XD.

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