Footage And Details For Cancelled Rogue Squadron Games

Rogue Squadron

Factor 5, the now defunct developers behind the Rogue Squadron games, have gone on to bigger and better things after closing down. But their President Julian Eggebrecht decided to reopen wounds by revealing their work on a cancelled Rogue Squadron trilogy compilation that included new content for the Wii system, called Rogue Leaders, and an online multiplayer RS game.

IGN has the full interview with Eggebrecht, but it might be painful to read once you hear the great ideas the team had in mind. First off, Rogue Squadron: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, would’ve had players grouped into teams within the Squadron, duking it out against other players as the Imperials, with backdrops for the battles including movie and non-movie skirmishes. The closest we’ll likely ever get to this is the upcoming Battlefront game.

The second game was taking Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike, updating their graphics, including brand-new content, and implementing a control scheme for the Wii motion controls. This compilation game was to add lightsaber combat, including a multiplayer version, and would’ve allowed you to fight classic battles or dream ones, like Darth Maul vs Yoda or Luke vs Leia. Controls were to use the Wiimote to slash and block, plus a variety of Force moves. The updated controls also would’ve added support to flying with the Wii-Wheel or using the Wii Balance Board as pedals for speeder bikes and the other vehicles. IGN has trailers for both the compilation and for the lightsaber combat.

These do sound very tantalizing, but they won’t ever see the light of day. However, developers are certainly going to start finding ways to use Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus to bring us immersive lightsaber combat (well, they have the lightsaber training down so far) so don’t count out getting something similar to this leaked cancelled footage eventually.

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