Her Universe Adds Marvel Line

Her Universe Marvel

Her Universe is quickly becoming one of the top voices for female fans and has an already impressive merchandising line-up for many brands lacking female apparel. Today that line-up gets even more expansive with the inclusion of Marvel branded apparel, including a funny and neat Hydra glow tee and a Rogue shirt that reminds me of her appearance on the always awesome 90’s X-Men cartoon.

On top of the new items, Ashley Eckstein, founder of Her Universe and the voice of everyone’s (including mine) favorite Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars, will be voicing Dagger of Cloak and Dagger in new episodes of the Marvel animated TV show Ultimate Spider-Man! Fret not fellow Ahsoka fans, don’t think this means Ashley won’t be free to voice Ahsoka again for something like Rebels (we can only hope she’s actually in it). Check out Ashley’s interview with the Daily Dot for more details and background on these exciting announcements.

Today’s newest brand is just one of three to be added to Her Universe this summer and with Marvel out of the way, what would you most like to see as the remaining two products?

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