Japanese The Force Awakens Trailer, TV Spot, New Character Posters, and Interviews Galore!

The footage has truly awoken for the seventh Star Wars film and here’s hoping it slumbers again until December 18th. Above is the Japanese trailer, featuring several new shots and new dialogue, while below are the first TV spot which builds off some of the new scenes revealed in the Japanese trailer, the eye-catching character posters, and several interviews with the young stars of the film, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.

There’s a lot to digest with the new footage in the Japanese trailer and TV spot, but the moments that stood out to me (besides BB-8 just silently watching the world burn) were all the footage with Rey and Kylo Ren battling in the woods. She defiantly shots at him with her custom blaster and, as the screen grab for the trailer above shows, has her life on the line with his blade to her throat. It makes me wonder: How/why do they end up fighting? How does the fight end?

But outside of the footage, the dialogue from Maz Kanata, Luptia Nyong’o’s character, raises some questions: how old is she? who (and their eyes) has she all seen? and what else is/has she been besides a pirate lord? At EW.com’s TV spot rundown, they got to reveal new information regarding Maz, including it’s truly her castle in the opening shot, on the planet Takodana, and her eyes (hidden by goggles in the poster) hold a secret power. Suddenly her character, important enough to be on the theatrical poster, got way more interesting. And we’ll know more soon enough!

Rey's Character PosterOn top of the new footage, we got character posters for Kylo, Rey, Finn, Han, and Leia. They have an interesting style, blocking out one eye, which feels like it has more significance now with Maz’s dialogue in the TV spot about the eyes she has seen. And curiously no Poe poster, which makes one wonder why he doesn’t get one but it could simply just be a marketing choice.

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have had their share of interviews recently:

The Hollywood Reporter (video autoplays) has a lengthy interview with the two stars, with Boyega discussing how happy he is about Finn’s story in the film and how he’s been focused more on how to approach the role as an actor than worry about its cultural implications. Ridley mentions how a weird gut feeling (the Force) told her she had to audition, how she sings on set all the time, and her training regimen. There are also individual videos for Boyega and Ridley from THR too.

The always interesting Carrie Fisher interviews Ridley over at Interview Magazine, and their topics range from the (in)famous bikini, favorite actresses, and planning a trip to Vegas.

CNET has an extended interview with Boyega, where he mentions seeing the prequels first, how he enjoyed Darth Maul, and how his favorite scene in the films covers the humor to be found in the series.

The two stars question one another for ASOS, revealing what their most overused words are and that you might run into Boyega at one of his local cinemas when TFA releases! (via MSW.net)

And Harrison Ford talked about the film, while in a dog as a hot dog costume, on Jimmy Kimmel. He reiterates how much he enjoyed returning, that the Falcon’s ramp did break his leg, and discusses the plane crash a little. Nothing planet-shattering, but definitely hilarious.

Are we done getting footage? Are you done watching new footage? I know I don’t need anymore, but I would certainly watch it if they drop it, though I doubt we’ll be getting anything else significant besides at least one more TV spot with reused footage. Expect more interviews with the cast at the very least and possibly something new, interesting, or at least fun in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! event with J.J. Abrams and cast on November 23rd.

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