Jurassic World Trailer Brings Viewers Back to Isla Nublar

It’s been over two decades since we first visited an island full of dinosaurs born from a billionaires’ mad dreams. Subsequent movies have tried, but failed to ever really capture that magic again. Could Jurassic World be the follow-up we’ve always wanted?

Isla Nublar looks more like a Disney World attraction these days, now owned by a corporation. Surprisingly, it seems the novelty of a dinosaur island has been wearing off on the world and attendance is declining (probably wouldn’t be the case in this reality, at least for me), so of course they decide to mess with nature and create a new dinosaur. Things, obviously and thankfully, go horribly wrong.

The trailer does a great job of recalling classic imagery from the 1993 classic, like shots of people driving amongst a herd of friendly dinos or rolling alongside a Brachiosaurs. It also uses the instantly recognizable John Williams theme, but twists it into an almost somber sounding tune played slowly on a piano, fitting with the darker atmosphere of the final moments of the trailer.

While we won’t know till June 12, 2015 if this Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) directed Jurassic entry will be any good, the trailer’s use of familiar imagery coupled with only teases of the new dinosaur have certainly garnered my interest. Are you looking forward to Jurassic World now that you’ve seen the trailer?

And for the Star Wars minded: There’s also some hopeful and entirely possibly speculation that JW’s trailer dropping early, when originally scheduled for Thanksgiving football, could mean a certain Star Wars’ film trailer might drop early online instead of its upcoming limited theatrical release.

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