Korean Original Trilogy Webcomic Now in English

Star Wars LINE Webtoon ComicLINE Webtoon’s Star Wars digital comic series, created by Hong Jacg, is a truly unique retelling of the Original Trilogy, following Luke from his days growing up on Tatooine to the final moments of Return of the Jedi. It was previously only available to Korean audiences, but it was localized for US audiences starting October 1st. New chapters will be released, for free, every Thursday and Sunday at LINE Webtoon’s website (and mobile apps), with the first three chapters up as of this writing.

Having read the first chapter, my best advice for enjoying this delightful series is to forget all about what is and isn’t canon. These were given leeway in regards to canonicity, so just enjoy them for what they are: fresh retellings of the films you know and love.

We’ll have a review on the site of the series once it’s been revealed in full.

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