LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game Set to Release June 28th

File this one under the “duh” category: After getting its gaming franchise started thanks to Star Wars, LEGO (which has had over 20 licensed property games under its belt since, by way of developers TT Games) returns to the saga to humorously cover the new film with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. More details below on what you can expect to be playing and what exclusives you’ll get if you buy it for PlayStation consoles.

If you’ve played any previous LEGO video game don’t expect the formula to be too different here, but it seems they are adding a couple new features, though how they work or play aren’t very clear as they are being touted with marketing buzzwords and no gameplay or in-depth information at this point. One of them is “Multi-Builds,” where there seems to be options now where you can choose what you end up building instead of the same thing every time you play. There are Blaster Battles now as well, which are supposed to enhance the series blaster combat in some way. Lastly, enemies now have the ability to build as well, adding a little extra difficulty to the game (maybe).

Outside of the game covering the events of TFA, it’ll also include content set between Return of the Jedi and TFA, helping to bridge the gap. They’re keeping mum on what exactly that content will be, as it could purely be meant as parody, not having any basis in something canon we haven’t seen yet and just a funny piece of original LEGO content. It’s equally possible it could be something canon that happened between the films, which we’d see in a book or other media at some point after experiencing it in this game. Either way, it’ll be neat to see what the content will be, something they won’t be revealing until we get closer to the June 28th release date.

If you happen to be a PlayStation gamer, expect some exclusive content in the form of a droid character pack (playable droids, who in LEGO Star Wars’ past, haven’t had much variety in function, just looks) and a Phantom Limb level pack, which David Schwarz on Twitter theorized with me a bit as probably a level regarding Threepio’s missing golden limb (something that sounds right up LEGO’s alley). As with many of these exclusives, they are timed: the droid pack until 9/27/16 and the Phantom Limb pack until 11/01/16.

And if you want to pay a little extra for the game, the deluxe edition (first spotted by MSW) nets you an exclusive Finn mini-fig and access to the season pass, another thing they’re keeping mum on for the moment.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to dive back into the previous LEGO Star Wars games, which I played quite a bit of back in the day, so I’ll be working on getting reviews for both the LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga and LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars on the site before June 28th. It would be nice for those to be rereleased for the current consoles in the meantime, no?

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