Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie Join Ep. VII Cast!


Great news, everyone! Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and Game of Thrones’ Brienne Gwendoline Christie join the cast of Episode VII. Both are talented actresses and I know I’m not the only one excited for them to be in the new movie. While their inclusion helps but doesn’t completely dispel the gender disparity issues which came with the original cast announcement (something people were rightly incensed about), this is definitely a step in the right direction. And, if you aren’t following the reactions on Twitter today, fans are universally happy with Nyong’o’s and Christie’s casting.

Brienne has been one of my favorite characters from the Song of Ice and Fire series and I’ve been happy with her representation in the TV show Game of Thrones, largely thanks to Gwendoline’s acting. She really brings to life Brienne being gruff and determined, with a little hint of womanhood that’s she’s suppressed due to the hecklings she has long suffered for her stature and demeanor. If she can bring even a tenth of her acting as Brienne to whatever role she has in Ep. VII, we’re in for a treat. Also, part of me just can’t stop smiling when I think that Brienne of Tarth is going to be in Star Wars!

You might scold me for this, but I still haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave, the movie Lupita Nyong’o earned her Oscar for. However, I fully intend to correct that mistake to see what she’ll be bringing as an actress to our full table of Ep. VII cast. From her seemingly always happy disposition to her good willed nature, what’s not to love about Nyong’o?

I will not be speculating on who they’ll be playing since the announcement of the EU being basically rebooted makes it practically impossible. All I can say is we know who at least 6 of the now 15 cast members of Ep. VII will be playing and the rest is all up in the air.

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