NYCC 2014 Star Wars: Kanan Comic, Rebels Clip, and Hasbro Figures

Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan 2

NYCC 2014 has come and gone, with just a Kanan-centric comic announcement, a clip from an upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels, and some new Hasbro figures including Ezra’s lightsaber.

Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan“Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan” will pick up a day before Order 66, following Kanan and his master Depa Billaba as they battle in the waning days of the Clone Wars. “The Last Padawan” will cover roughly a year of Kanan’s life, likely showing Depa’s demise and Kanan’s first steps to becoming the man he is by A New Dawn and Rebels. It’ll be written by Greg Weisman, who was behind development of the first season of Rebels, penciled by Pepe Larraz, and is an on-going series. “The Last Padawan” is the first 5-issue arc, with Weisman not returning for the next arc, and you can expect it on comic book shelves near you in April 2015. Amy Ratcliffe has an interview with Weisman, offering more details about the series. If Kanan does well, Marvel is open to covering more Rebels‘ character backgrounds.

Doubting Hera’s piloting skills is just completely out of the question already and the above clip is another reason not to doubt. Speaking of Hera, the wonderfully enthusiastic and engaging actress Vanessa Marhsall had an interview with IGN (while also hosted the A New Dawn panel and was part of the Rebels panel) where she mentions how much she’d like to see characters from the season 5 The Clone Wars “Onderon” arc, like revolutionaries Lux Bonteri and Saw Gerrera (poor Steela!), pop up again as the rebellion takes off in Rebels. I like her line of thinking and am very excited for something like that to happen (though I think the guy interviewing her didn’t know what she was referring too, which continues to cement just how big a fan of Star Wars she is). At the Rebels panel, they screened the upcoming episode “Rise of the Old Masters” (which airs October 27th, a day after Spark of Rebellion‘s primetime telecast with a new Vader scene) which fan reaction to seemed very positive.

There was two announcements out of the A New Dawn Del Rey books panel: 1. The upcoming novel Tarkin will reveal Palpatine’s first name. Having read Tarkin already (I have an advance reader copy) let me tell you, the name is…well, sometimes it’s better off not knowing everything. When I pronounce it in my head while reading, it sounds suspiciously like “shiv.” 2. Hera’s relation to The Clone Wars character Cham Syndulla has been in question from the moment we knew her last name. It seems Cham is her uncle and someone she looked up to dearly. UPDATE 2/23/2015: Cham is actually Hera’s father, as per Pablo Hidalgo in one of the Rebels Recon shorts: You can see Cham in the upcoming novel Lords of the Sith which was part of the Del Rey Sampler earlier this year.

Zeb Hero Mission SeriesAnd finally, Hasbro had some new Black Series figurines to show off, including an Emperor Palpatine and Leia in Boushh disguise, a 12-inch Hero Mission Series Zeb complete with cool helmet, and Ezra’s blaster/lightsaber toy.

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