Sarah Michelle Gellar Joins Star Wars Rebels Cast

With Star Wars Rebels‘ second season starting October 14th and the show’s presence at NYCC on the 8th, begun the news has. First off is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s role finally being revealed: the Seventh Sister Inquisitor, who was first seen in the S2 trailer at Celebration Anaheim back in April. She has the goal to draw out Ahsoka and kill her, with destroying the rebels being an added bonus, a mission given to her by Darth Vader shortly after the events of the S2 premiere film, “Siege of Lothal.” (Buzzfeed broke the news)

The droids she has floating around her are mimic droids, which can be used to trick opponents into believing friends or allies are in danger/need help, or in Ezra’s case, maybe to make him think his parents are near. It looks like Ezra and the Seventh Sister will spend some time together, which makes me wonder if we’ll have a redemption plot at all or if she’s too far gone for that.

Filoni has said (somewhere in this 4 video long press panel) inferring there were 6 Sisters before the 7th is not off track at all, which makes you wonder what happened to the other six and if there’s an 8th currently or another is only selected after one dies. The tall male Inquisitor is the Fifth Brother and we’ve learned the Inquisitor in S1 was the Grand Inquisitor, opening up the question on how one becomes a Grand Inquisitor and if anyone now has the title following his death. My personal guess is the killing of a Jedi gains you the Grand title, possibly leaving the void open for the moment. Could one of the two new Inquisitors be crowned a Grand one before the season is over?

UPDATE: USAToday has an article about Gellar’s addition to the cast, including a new clip featuring the Seventh Sister.

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