Star Wars Rebels Primetime Telecast Includes Darth Vader Scene


Rumored just a few days ago, Lucasfilm has confirmed Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion will air on ABC and include a brand new scene featuring Darth Vader. Better yet, James Earl Jones will reprise his role!

I was actually getting used to Matt Sloan (a Wisconsin native!) as the voice of Vader in animated form, as he starred as the character in the Force Unleashed series, the new Yoda Chronicles, and the rather funny Chad Vader Youtube series. However, it goes without saying James Earl Jones is the Darth Vader and it’s been since Revenge of the Sith that we’ve heard him voice the iconic villain. Dave Filoni, executive producer on the series, said the new scene will give, “…audiences insight into the Inquisitor and includes a cameo by Darth Vader.”

Sure his scene probably won’t come until the very end, but Spark of Rebellion is very good, so I know I won’t mind watching it through again just to see the helmeted menace of the dark side. And no matter how small his appearance is here, I wouldn’t count out his reappearance somewhere later down the line. Tune in to ABC on October 26th (6:00pm CT) and help it beat out the 6.5 million worldwide viewers who tuned in on October 3rd on Disney and Disney XD to show Lucasfilm and Disney just how excited we are for this new era.

By then, two new episodes will have aired, as the series starts on Disney XD on October 13th with “Droids In Distress,” but my review is already here. (I’ll be updating my SoR review with any impressions gained from the new scene after it airs)

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