SWCE 2016 News Roundup: Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Premiere, Rogue One Props, Podcast Stage

SWCE 2016 Key Art Header ImageJuly is fast approaching and plans for Celebration Europe 2016 are taking shape. Rogue One looks to be the main focus, and rightfully so considering the film is coming out later this year, while Star Wars Rebels is carving out its own place year after year. New details on what to expect are below!

SWCE 2016 Key ArtWith the already announced Rogue One panel, where I have no doubts we’ll be seeing cast, crew, and a new teaser, it’s no surprise to learn they’ll be showcasing props and costumes from the upcoming film as well. Last year at Celebration Anaheim they did the exact same thing with The Force Awakens and it surprisingly contained information about two new (at that time) organizations in the galaxy: the Resistance and the First Order. I doubt we’ll get anything that revealing with Rogue One‘s props/costumes, considering it takes place so close to A New Hope, but maybe we’ll get some hints on who that black robed person is kneeling in front of that even more mysterious tube being guarded by Imperial Guards (as seen in the teaser at the 1:18 mark). We have already gotten some reveals, as the third Star Wars Show named new stormtrooper variants and AT-ACT as seen in the lovely SWCE 2016’s key art (pictured)!

Star Wars Rebels‘ second season closed out with one helluva showing, marking itself as must-see for fans and raising expectations for its upcoming third season. Expect the veil to be pulled back on S3 by none other than Dave Filoni himself, who has not only teased a Legends character set to appear on the show, but is bringing the season 3 premiere to Celebration! If Filoni’s hints on the Legends character happen to be Thrawn, I already wrote a piece on how I’d like to see him treated in canon, and I trust the Rebels crew will do him or whomever else they could be bringing to canon justice. As for the S3 premiere, this is reminiscent of Anaheim’s Rebel‘s showings, as they had a panel (with a fantastic trailer) and also premiered S2 opener The Siege of Lothal. The S3 opener has a lot to live up to after “Twilight of the Apprentice,” but I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us either way. But my biggest hope for Rebels S3 info at SWCE ’16 is some tease or reveal on its rumored crossover/tie-in with Rogue One.

15 podcasts and YouTube channels will be present at Celebration this year, including Full of Sith, Blabba the Hutt, Steele Wars, and Radio 1138. As usual expect your favorites to provide you with the latest and greatest being unveiled at the show as well as their takes on the news so far.

Lastly, it’s been teased that this year is the biggest Celebration yet for Star Wars video games, as LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Battlefront, and some mobile games will be playable. However, I expect we’ll also get more information on at least one of the several on-going Star Wars projects yet to be formally announced, with my bets on Visceral Games’ project. E3 2016, the video game industry’s giant convention, takes place this June and EA, the publisher of all upcoming Star Wars games, has a panel set for June 12 where I also suspect we’ll get our first inklings of one of the new games.

I’ll be on the ground at SWCE 2016 trying to bringing you as much as I can so come back to the Manor to keep up to date on the event!

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