The Force Awakens Theatrical Trailer, Poster Revealed, Tickets now Live! (UPDATED)

Above, witness the glory that is the theatrical (and likely last) trailer for The Force Awakens. If you were too busy watching that, you probably didn’t score your tickets, which went live earlier than promised and starting selling out like Death Star parts at the junk shop. My stunned thoughts on the trailer (and the theatrical poster that was revealed Sunday) below. And now after a day to soak it all in, I’ve included some of my extended thoughts, news about TFA breaking tickets records, and other reactions from around the web!

Wow. I think we all went into that trailer expecting something and it blew all those expectations out of the water (for me and at least what my Twitter-feed exploding led me to believe). Rey getting the spotlight she deserved, with what seems like a conversation with Maz Kanata, the pirate lord played by Lupita Nyong’o (as seen in the poster below), about her destiny in the Force. Han Solo teaching the young ones about the world before their time and speaking about hokey religions with reverence. Han and Leia hugging! Kylo and the Knights of Ren assembling for a throw down. Kylo promising Vader to finish what the long dead Sith Lord started. X-Wings and First Order TIEs in GORGEOUS CGI dogfighting in atomsphere. Poe being tortured by Kylo. Finn struggling to find his place in the galaxy. Han taking the young ones to a hideout (likely Maz’s). A planet opening up (Starkiller base, likely the object in the poster below). Glorious doesn’t even begin to describe it all. What did you think?


Here are the fun questions I’ve been contemplating which won’t have answers until we all see the film (speculation below!):

Of course the biggest question has been, “Why hasn’t Luke been shown yet?” Besides that leak a few months back, which is the basis for any Luke seen in these Art Awakens contest submissions (so Spoilers Beware at the link!), he’s been absent in the trailers and the poster just released (though we’ve maybe seen his hand in the last two videos and gotten his voice over). From what Han says to Finn and Rey, it certainly seems like the Jedi are as much a myth as the Sith were at the beginning of TPM. What happened to Luke in the last 30 years? Did he even start a Jedi Order? If he did, did they go underground, ready to strike only when needed most? Or were they exterminated? The mystery of Luke Skywalker is one that’ll perplex fans until opening day, including if the leaked photo was purposeful misdirection or not.

A friend and I both cued in on it last night, but could Poe become a sleeper agent for Kylo and the Knights of Ren? Who knows what Kylo hopes to gain from torturing Poe, but it puts a new spin on the moment Finn gives Poe quite the interesting look when they meet at the base: Finn’s look isn’t happiness or anger, but more confusion/worry. Is he feeling confused about becoming friends so quickly with an enemy he was raised to hate? Or is he worried Poe has been manipulated in some way by Kylo after being tortured by him? Judging as Moving Target and Shattered Empire point to Poe having a surrogate mother in Leia, is that who she is crying about when Han takes her into his arms, after a possible betrayal? Poe is a leader in the Resistance’s fighter squads and has been alive since a few years before the Battle of Endor, so to lose him at all would be a big blow to everyone.

Why exactly is the First Order (so tempting to type the Empire) over Jakku anyways? Seeing as they are attempting to complete the Empire’s work, could they be looking for something the Empire left on Jakku after their disastrous defeat to the fledgling New Republic only a year after the Battle of Endor (seen in Lost Stars and possibly set up by Aftermath’s mysterious Fleet Admiral), because what else could be of interest to the FO on a back-backwater planet like Jakku? Rey? Also, what leads to Finn’s crash?

Here a collection of thoughts from around the web:


The Force Awakens Wide Poster

As for new things from the poster: Leia’s got a new look; That’s the superweapon/Starkiller base hanging in the background; And Max Kanata, who speaks in the trailer above, appears near Artoo.

The Force Awakens Theatrical Poster

And JJ Tweeted this just prior to the trailer, regarding some insane boycotting scheme launched by disgruntled jerks due to there being diversity in the new film:

Tickets went live a little earlier than originally promised in an attempt to avoid sites crashing, but they did anyways. I got mine (and some for my friends), but did you get yours?

We’ll (likely) understand the trailer more on December 17/18!

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