The Force Awakens Trailer Impressions

The time between the EU reboot and our first hints at what we’ll be seeing in theaters in a year is over: The Force Awakens trailer is here! If you haven’t watched it yet, go do so now above (who am I kidding, you’ve totally seen it already) before heading below the cut, as I’ll be discussing my reaction to the footage as well as collecting other sites’ reactions below.

The Force AwakensIt’s pretty hard to really convey, in any language in our galaxy or the one far far away, the feeling of watching that trailer for the first (300) times. From the reworking of a classic piece from the RotJ score, a brief look at the new actors, and that stunning final shot of the Falcon, it just felt right. But it still doesn’t quite feel ‘real’ just yet, even if the tears that keep streaming down my face from watching it do. In fact, it almost made me think of countless fan trailers and projects over the years, as it captures a look and feel fans have been wishing for and emulating in their projects for decades now. That includes putting different and diverse faces in their projects, which we get in the TFA trailer with John Boyega in the stormtrooper outfit (!) in the beginning and Daisy Ridley getting a prominent shot just moments later.

Ball DroidThe animation is ridiculously good, as everything here that could be special effects feels solid, real, and has a sense of weight to it. And on the flip side, everything has that dirtier future look from the original trilogy and what Rebels has been trying to do as well. Speaking of Rebels, both Chopper and the ball droid seen in the TFA trailer are already fan favorites and I’m glad they’re nailing the idea of wacky, fun, and unique droids instead of just another R2 or C-3PO.

The Force AwakensAs for the lightsaber, it also nice to see them broadening the idea of what a saber can be, even if it’s a little goofy at first. The Phantom Menance introduced us to our first on-screen double-bladed saber and currently in Rebels the Inquisitor carries a saber that can turn into a spinning double-bladed one. A broad sword look, with lightsaber ‘hilts’ is an interesting concept, as trying to grab onto that person’s handle in the middle of a fight might not be a good idea. Also, if you watch and listen to it closely, it sputters and shutters more than most sabers, indicating a rough job of putting it together, with the sound backing it up. UPDATE (11/30/14) It seems the cross sword has been in Star Wars before. Good catch!

I’m on the ‘It’s Serkis’ side for who is doing the VO in the trailer, but my next bet would be Max Von Sydow, though it sounds too old and too much like Andy Serkis. UPDATE (11/29/14) Andy Serkis ‘confirmed‘ he did the VO in the trailer, so there goes that debate (I’m very happy Cumberbatch guesses were incorrect). I don’t believe the lightsaber wielding character is the one talking and that’ll up in the air for quite some time. But who ever is, the way they talk about both the light and dark side of Force makes it sound like they aren’t really aligned with either. But, that’s pure speculation on my part.

Yes, the Falcon shot is simply stunning, and I’m betting it’ll be the one scene shot in IMAX cameras and my only proof is the photo attached to that link. But who wouldn’t want to see the Falcon in in-atmosphere action taking up the entirety of the IMAX screen they’re drooling over next year? I know I do!

In closing, I agree with several other sites, that while this footage is awesome, now I really want to see what exactly is the context behind what’s all happening. What’s really going on right now in the galaxy far far away?

The Force Awakens

Here’s a few other site’s impressions:

  • The deep thinkers over at Eleven-Thirty Eight actually had someone who wasn’t as mind-melted as most of us seem to be!
  • Toshce Station was full of completely understandable hyperventilation.
  • i09 had a great shot for shot breakdown and so too did Slash Film.
  • Making Star Wars (spoilers beware) had another shot for shot breakdown, but I’d also like to point out a ton of the rumored content they’ve been showing off got confirmed within the trailer. Mayhaps they’re someone to keep your eye on from now on, no?
  • Amy Ratcliffe’s shot for shot doesn’t contain any spoilers since she hasn’t been keeping up with them. Plus, she points out some Ralph McQuarrie influences in both Daisy Ridley’s costume, which looks oddly familiar to the female Starkiller concept art before she was changed to Luke, and the ball droid.


The Force Awakens

What did you think of the trailer? Did it disappoint, excite, or blow your mind? Anything you would’ve like to have seen that you didn’t? Tell us in the comments below!

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